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‘Bathroom bill,’ SB98, brings out crowd in committee

Legislation would require transgender students to use restroom of sex on birth certificate JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Last year, a Senate bill purporting to support religious liberty to prevent vendors from providing services for same-sex weddings became arguably the most infamous piece of legislation in the state after a 39-hour […]

Michael Sam and LGBT community lobby against SJR 39 on Equality Day

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. —  LGBT activists and allies rallied in the capitol Wednesday morning for their annual Equality Day as a House committee is expected to move forward with SJR 39 Wednesday night. While in the past the lobby day has focused on any number of issues affecting the community, […]

Executive Director Bockelman to step down from PROMO

ST. LOUIS – A.J. Bockelman announced Tuesday that he would step down from his role as the executive director of PROMO, effective Oct. 16. Bockelman has served in that capacity for the LGBT rights organization for eight years and has overseen numerous pro-LGBT policy changes including the formation of a coalition of over 1,000 Missouri […]