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Wife of Capitol lobbyist missing


BLOOMSDALE, Mo. – Wife of conservative activist and lobbyist Kerry Messer and mother of Abram Messer, Lynn Messer, went missing from their home in Bloomsdale early Tuesday morning and has not been found yet. Civilian search parties led by the family have continued multiple times a day through the weekend, with two more search parties scheduled for today. Law enforcement is also involved in the search, but the length of the search has local police “shifting phases” from earlier methods to allocate resources for the search in the most effective manner, according to sources familiar with the situation.

The 260-acre farm that the Messers live on in Ste. Genevieve County has been meticulously searched, according to sources close to the family.

Lynn Messer, on recent mission trip to Ecuador

“But now there is just silence as the are no leads and no answers as to what has happened with his wife, Lynn Marie Messer, who disappeared earlier this week,” the Facebook page “Find Lynn Messer” shares. “Messer woke up at 4 a.m. Tuesday morning and couldn’t find his wife anywhere. She left all her personal items, including her cell phone, and also left the home without a walking boot she had been using to help her get around due to a broken toe.”

There was no indication of a break-in. The page, which has over 3,000 “likes,” says there is no history of mental problems or evidence of abduction. However, early news reports stated Lynn Messer had a “history of depression.” Sources within the Messer family say that Lynn Messer does not suffer from depression.

The page also said that search dogs picked up Lynn’s scent, but it was uncertain as to the age of the scent, as dogs can pick up trails 3-4 months old. Lynn Messer is an active participant in regular farm activities. According to sources close to the investigation, Lynn spent time in each field on the farm conducting “grass evaluations” just days before her disappearance.

The Eureka Search and Rescue Team joined the search in the first days and were applauded as the best team in a 200-mile radius to join the effort to find Lynn Messer.  The official search with the county sheriff’s office ended on Thursday, July 10 around noon and the sheriff’s office is said to be continuing their investigation “on other levels.”

Kerry has led supporters in a strong message of prayer, asking for prayers for not only the recovery of his wife, but to have faith in God throughout the experience. Both Lynn and Kerry’s Facebook pages, in addition to the official search page, show strong support and immense love for the family from pro-life, homeschool, church, and Capitol communities.

Messer, a longtime Capitol fixture, is known among Democrats and Republicans alike for his lobbying efforts, largely on traditionally socially conservative issues.

The family has asked that Tuesday be a day of fasting and prayer with search only including extending family, while the “Find Lynn Messer” Facebook page says to “watch for a possible special announcement regarding an event we are considering in order to raise public awareness and participation” for Wednesday.

Kerry Messer is president of the Missouri Family Network, and representative for the Missouri Baptist Convention and Americans United for Life. Abram Messer also works for the Missouri Family Network.

Pictures courtesy of the “Find Lynn Messer” Facebook page. 

Collin Reischman contributed to this story.