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The Return of LaFaver

The Return of LaFaver

In this week’s #Moleg Podcast, former representative Jeremy LaFaver returns to Jefferson City to discuss just what he’s been up to (Hint: It involves Kansas) and discuss some of the latest political topics from the Capitol. Missouri Times publisher Scott Faughn plays a little devil’s advocate when it comes to the popular vote, and Becky


Ross discusses budget, professional registration

Rep. Robert Ross joins the #MoLeg Podcast this week to discuss the work being done on the state budget, as well as his work as the chairman of the Committee on Professional Registration and Licensing. Ross also discusses one of the hot topics this week, concerning Rep. Bill Lant and NAACP Rod Chapel’s testimony during


Sen. Hoskins talks about his meetings with Gov. Greitens

Following a couple of days filled with excitement, drama, and intensity, Sen. Denny Hoskins sits down with publisher Scott Faughn and co-host Becky Lohmann to discuss his meetings with Gov. Eric Greitens. The meeting between the two during Monday night’s vote over pay raises for lawmakers has been the talk of the Capitol this week,


Reps. Rhoads and Miller talk right-to-work

Missouri Times publisher Scott Faughn and co-host Becky Lohmann sit down with Reps. Shawn Rhoads and Rocky Miller this week to discuss the hot topic of right-to-work, as well as tax breaks. Becky also puts the representatives’ bromance to the test in this week’s ‘Five Questions’. We also had to get a little unconventional for


Sen. Walsh discusses State of the State reaction and budgeting issues

Sen. Gina Walsh, the Senate Minority Leader, sits down with publisher Scott Faughn and co-host Becky Lohmann of the #Moleg Podcast team to talk about reaction to Governor Eric Greitens’ State of the State address and the impending budget. We also find out Sen. Walsh’s favorite meal, and what scares the Democrat.


Scott Clark: Why being a Missouri elector is important to me

Missouri Times publisher Scott Faughn and #moleg podcast co-host Becky Lohmann sit down with Scott Clark, one of the 10 electors who voted for Trump on Monday. Hear what he had to say right before going in to cast his vote, and explain the meaning behind this necklace which he wore.