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Vandeven: I know Missouri will stay strong in its commitment to our children

I’m an educator, a teacher. Like most Missouri teachers, I focus on students. Unlike most of them, I’ve been able to focus on all 918,000 of our students as Commissioner of Education. It has been an opportunity that I will forever cherish. The job of commissioner in Missouri is traditionally […]

Nonstop November Action: Winners and Losers

November is typically a sleepy month in off-year Missouri politics, but not in 2017. Normally there are only a few weeks between the end of the Cardinals season and the pre-filing of bills. However, as October is silent for yet another year, it seems that the entire state is restless […]

This Week in Missouri Politics: Aggressive – not dirty – politics from both sides in the 8th 

This week’s special election in Jackson County has been the focus of state politics for the last several weeks and didn’t disappoint. It ended up with Republican Mike Cierpiot winning with a little over 50 percent, Republican-turned-Democratic dupe Jacob Turk with 7 percent, and Democrat Hillary Shields at 43 percent. […]