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Right-to-work hearing marks first step of new labor reform reality

Right-to-work hearing marks first step of new labor reform reality

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Former Rep. Shannon Cooper, reprentative for the Carpenters District Council may have put it best Tuesday afternoon when he said he felt like Mel Gibson’s portrayal of William Wallace at the end of Braveheart. “We fought a good fight, but we know where we’re heading,” the union representative said during the


Richardson quick on the right-to-work trigger

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – House Speaker Todd Richardson made clear his intention to strike directly at major reforms early in the 2017 session with his opening speech to the chamber Wednesday. Democrats across the state have dreaded the beginning of the legislative session after the Republican landslide in November granting the GOP supermajorities in both

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Missouri Chamber announces legislative priorities for 2017

Missouri can make significant gains in economic standing and opportunities for workers in 2017 By Karen Buschmann, Missouri Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Communications JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri’s business community has unfinished business to resolve in the 2017 Legislative Session. After nearly a decade of vetoes of labor, civil justice, unemployment insurance and workers’

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Richardson outlines legislative agenda to Columbia Chamber

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Speaker Todd Richardson spoke to members of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce Thursday about his legislative priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Richardson spoke at length with business owners about his excitement at the prospect of working with a Republican governor for the first time in his political career while also detailing

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Eigel poised to become strong business advocate in the Senate

ST. LOUIS – The Missouri General Assembly has always been strongly represented in the chamber by senators and representatives with strong ties and connections to the business communities in the St. Louis area, but with the departure of political stalwarts like Sen. Eric Schmitt, Sen. Tom Dempsey, or even former House Speaker Jon Diehl, many

Curtis presents bill to cut union exemption for lobbying

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A Democrat presented a decidedly anti-union piece of legislation to the House Workforce Standards and Development Committee Thursday. Rep. Courtney Allen Curtis’, D-St. Louis, HB 2276 would remove exemptions for labor unions and their members to the lobbyist registration requirements. The bill would essentially force union workers, members and leadership to register