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Opponents come on strong in House General Laws hearing on gun legislation

Opponents come on strong in House General Laws hearing on gun legislation

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Four gun bills and a standing-room-only hearing was a definite sign that Monday’s meeting of the House General Laws committee was in for a long afternoon. Prior to the meeting, the committee had specified that, with such issues on the table, only two minutes of testimony would be taken from opponents

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Gun bill becomes law after both chambers vote to override veto

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. –The Missouri General Assembly voted to override Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of an omnibus gun bill that will expand concealed carry in the state as well as expand the state’s rules for legal use of force. Democrats prolonged the inevitable for a few hours late Wednesday during veto session, but the controversial

Moms demand veto session

Gun opponents and supporters make last push on morning of veto session

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — While SB 656 opponents rallied in the Capitol Wednesday as part of their campaign to sustain the veto, gun supporters showed up to lobby in support of an override. The Missouri chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America made good on their promises to pack the Capitol rotunda


NRA makes SB 656 their top national priority as debate comes down to the wire

Urban officials increase push for legislators to sustain the veto JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The National Rifle Association will make the override of Senate Bill 656 their top priority in the country this week as the omnibus gun bill continues to gain momentum as the most high-profile legislation at stake on Wednesday. The pro-gun group

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SB 656 override vote brings out coalition of opponents

During this election season, most campaigns plan to peak in November when their candidate or issue is on the ballot. But one campaign burning up social media is focused on Sept. 14, when the Senate will attempt to override Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of Senate Bill 656, the “gun bill.” A coalition of the bill’s

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Both Koster and Greitens court NRA endorsement

Democratic nominee for governor Attorney General Chris Koster has made the National Rifle Association (NRA) endorsement an open question in Missouri. While Koster has made a play for the endorsement, Republican nominee Eric Greitens has not ceded his party’s traditional ground. “The 2nd Amendment is clear,” he says on his website. “I believe we must

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‘Stand your ground’ measure added onto crime bill, passed

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Sen. Bob Dixon’s SB 663 on criminal offenses has become something of an omnibus piece of legislation. It creates new regulations on everything ranging from elder abuse reporting, Miranda warnings for juvenile offenders, shackling of pregnant women and juveniles, probation and parole, alcohol and marijuana regulations and others after a large swath

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Brattin presents stand your ground law to Emerging Issues

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The first of two “stand your ground” measures has been heard in a House committee. Rep. Rick Brattin, R-Harrisonville, presented HB 1744 to the Emerging Issues Committee Monday evening in order, he said, to ensure that people “have the right to protect yourself against an imminent threat to your life or