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University of Missouri System audit reveals more than $2 million in ‘hidden bonus pay’

University of Missouri System audit reveals more than $2 million in ‘hidden bonus pay’

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway says the latest audit released by her office is personally troubling. On Monday, Galloway’s office released a scathing report detailing how the University of Missouri System hid more than $2 million in “bonus” pay. The audit also revealed what Galloway called irresponsible management in the UM


University of Missouri System announces Mun Y. Choi as new president

COLUMBIA, Mo. – After nine months of searching, the University of Missouri system has selected a top administrator from the University of Connecticut to take over the role as president. The Missouri Board of Curators finalized the details to hire Mun Y. Choi, a provost at UConn, during the closed portion of their meeting Monday

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Former MU president criticizes legislature, university officials in email

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Former University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe dropped a bombshell Wednesday when an email he wrote to his supporters became public from the Columbia Daily-Tribune. In the email dated on Jan. 19, Wolfe talks about his perspective of the events that initially led to his resignation and called out everyone from

Missouri Campus mizzou jesse hall

Report reveals MU ranked at the bottom of the Association of American Universities

COLUMBIA, Mo. – A report circulating inside the University of Missouri system administration will likely add to the turmoil embroiling the university. The Missouri Times has learned from multiple sources that in a report created by the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU) ranking of all 62 member institutions, the University of Missouri’s Columbia campus

Missouri Campus mizzou jesse hall

Mizzou football team vows not to play until Wolfe is removed as president

COLUMBIA, Mo. – In perhaps the largest development in the ongoing University of Missouri saga, the school’s football team announced Saturday night they would not play another down as long as President Tim Wolfe remains in power. We are no longer taking it. It’s time to fight. #ConcernedStudent1950#MizzouHungerStrikepic.twitter.com/mnPZBviqJF — LBC (@MizzouLBC) November 8, 2015 The

Joint education committee questions Loftin on Mizzou leave policies

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – University of Missouri Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin found himself providing testimony on behalf of the university for the second time in as many days Wednesday afternoon. After discussing MU’s possible connection with the Columbia Planned Parenthood affiliate yesterday, Loftin testified before the Joint Committee on Education on behalf of the University

MU chancellor responds to Schaefer, has “refer and follow” with Planned Parenthood

COLUMBIA, Mo. – R. Bowen Loftin, the Chancellor at the University of Missouri, responded Tuesday to Sen. Kurt Schaefer’s, R- Columbia, request for a written agreement between the University and Planned Parenthood, stating that there was not such an agreement. “MU Health Care does not have an agreement with Dr. [Colleen] McNicholas, Planned Parenthood of Kansas