Category: Social Services

Greitens appoints 27 members to child protection boards

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is looking to provide some aid in the mission to protect children across the state. The Republican governor on Thursday announced the appointments of 27 individuals to serve on a number of boards, including the Child Abuse and Neglect Review Boards, Children’s […]

Cunningham: HCB3 replacement will be ‘hopefully one of the first bills in regular session’

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Sen. Mike Cunningham, R- Rogersville, sparked interest when he met with Missouri Governor Eric Greitens to unveil his proposed fix to budgetary cuts that removed in-home care for previously estimated 8,000 elderly Missourians. “We’re just going to take it during the regular session,” Cunningham said Monday. […]

MHDC further postpones annual meeting, raises mortgage interest rates

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Housing Development Commission annual commission meeting scheduled for November 6 has been rescheduled for November 17. The meeting was originally scheduled for October 10. They also announced that they would be raising mortgage interest rates for first-time homebuyers. As of November 1, 2017, rates […]

Parson recommends independent investigation into St. Louis Missouri Veterans Home

ST. LOUIS – Residents, their families, and unrelated citizens of St. Louis submitted a packet of information to the St. Louis-based Missouri Veterans Home in July, alleging that the predominately African-American staff have been mistreating its residents. Deputy Director of the Missouri Veterans Commission Brian Hunt believed that the complaints […]

Hill tapped to lead new committee looking into stabilizing Missouri’s health insurance market

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – What direction should health care take in the Show-Me State? That’s the question that will be put to a newly-formed committee following President Donald Trump’s executive order. House Speaker Todd Richardson on Thursday announced the creation of the Interim Committee Stabilizing Missouri’s Health Insurance Markets to […]

Leadership, Democrats call for special from Governor on in-home health care

Circuit breaker tax credit looks to be most likely solution to budget cuts JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Recent news about budget cuts affecting disabled Missourians has thrown into question whether the Missouri legislature will be returning for another special session this year. Republican House leaders on Friday announced that, according […]

Little-known provision in Uber bill releases non-emergency medical transportation from burdensome regulations

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Transportation networking companies scored a major victory with the passage of HB 130, better known as the Uber bill, during the past legislative session. But a little-known component of the bill has big implications for another group besides ride-sharing companies; one single sentence, added to the […]

Agenda items from canceled MHFRC near automatic approval

Committee has 100 days from time of application before applications are automatically approved JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – On September 7, Gov. Eric Grietens replaced four members on the Missouri Health Facilities Review Committee (MHFRC), one of which was Chairman Bill Krodinger. Three days later, the anticipated meeting – which would […]

Republican leadership to look for alternative solution for in-home care cuts

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – As Missouri lawmakers returned for the annual veto session at the State Capitol, with many hoping to answer the question of what lawmakers could or should do about the budget cuts affecting in-home and nursing care for an estimated 8,000 senior citizens, disabled, and veterans. While the […]