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Commissioners say Missouri is falling behind in reimbursing counties for jail per diems

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri’s prisons have been a focus over the past year, as lawmakers expressed their concerns about the rising cost of legal settlements coming from the Missouri Department of Corrections. The Department has been making an effort to change the culture under the leadership of its new […]

Questions about Capitol security continue to plague legislators’ minds

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – For those wondering, it seems that the metal detectors in the Missouri State Capitol are there to stay, for at least this fiscal year. The security measures, which require visitors and their possessions to pass through metal detectors and X-ray machines, were first installed in January. […]

Governor’s tax committee report targets tax credits in review of state taxes

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After months of meetings, town halls and public comment, the Governor’s Committee for Simple, Fair and Low Taxes has released their report, and the results aren’t all that unexpected. Everyone knew that the committee was bound to find some areas to make changes or reductions, as […]

8 changes to note in the House budget

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – As the Missouri House prepares to take up the House Budget Committee’s work this week, we take a look at a number of things in the budget that are noteworthy for a variety of reasons. We start with number one: the education foundation formula. 1. Fully […]

Senate postpones confirming gubernatorial appointments over Greitens’ executive order

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri’s legislators managed to pass through a number of items during the final week of session before spring break, but one thing that went unnoticed by many was the Senate’s decision to postpone the confirmation of any gubernatorial appointments. It may sound like an innocuous event, […]

MoDOT director says department is treading water

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri Department of Transportation Director Patrick McKenna says his department is facing a number of challenges in their efforts to maintain the state’s transportation infrastructure. “Essentially, right now, we’re treading water,” he said. “We’re maintaining our system, but we are not improving. We’re fixing and replacing […]

Kurt Schaefer: Growing Momentum

COLUMBIA, Mo. — If you’d told the state’s leading Republican thinkers just six years ago that a Columbia-area Republican senator was their best chance of seizing the Attorney General’s office, you probably would have been laughed out of the room. In 2008, Kurt Schaefer stunned political observers around Missouri with […]

Association profile: KidsFirst fights for appropriations, criminal code revision

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo – The goal of Missouri KidsFirst is to protect children from physical and sexual abuse. That’s much easier to do from one of the seven child advocacy centers the association represents, difficult from a state policy perspective. Emily van Schenkhof is the lobbyist for the association. The […]