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Rehder claims email was hacked

House Attorney implies “criminal investigation” underway First, it was Democrats claiming that the Russians had hacked their computers releasing embarrassing emails, but now Rep. Holly Rehder, a Republican legislator, has claimed her email was hacked, releasing a report detailing a long list of tax increases the Governor’s office was deliberating. […]

Governor’s tax committee report targets tax credits in review of state taxes

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After months of meetings, town halls and public comment, the Governor’s Committee for Simple, Fair and Low Taxes has released their report, and the results aren’t all that unexpected. Everyone knew that the committee was bound to find some areas to make changes or reductions, as […]

Half attendance at Governor’s tax committee to discuss for Gross receipt tax

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Having completed their four town hall events, the Governor’s Committee for Simple, Fair and Low Taxes returned to the capital city this week for more presentations. Half of the committee was in attendance as Chairman Joel Walters was joined by Will Scharf, Rep. Jay Barnes, Sen. […]

Governor’s tax committee hears case for historic preservation tax credits

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – With just weeks before the scheduled end for the Governor’s Committee on Simple, Fair and Low Taxes, the members continue rolling through their weekly meetings, listening to guest presentations. This week’s quorum of members heard testimony from several developers from St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield. […]

Tax committee hears from MoDOT, NAACP with near perfect attendance

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Following the Memorial Day holiday weekend, the Governor’s Committee on Simple, Fair and Low Taxes returned to their work, with just one month left before the deadline to submit their findings to Governor Eric Greitens. As the committee worked around the legislative session and the following […]