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Kerr running for House District 60 seat

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A former Missouri Veterans Commission ombudsman is now throwing her name into the ring to represent the Missouri House of Representatives 60th District. Pat Rowe Kerr announced her candidacy over the weekend to run as a Republican to fill the seat representing the state capital, as […]

House passes altered version of Senate abortion bill

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – By an overwhelming vote of 110-38, the Missouri House voted to approve Sen. Andrew Koenig’s SB 5, instituting several new abortion regulations in the state. “We came in with two important missions: One, to try to put a set of reasonable regulations in place to protect […]

Five Questions with Rep. Jay Barnes

As the Missouri House of Representatives prepares to take up the legislation aimed at addressing the parameters set forth by Governor Eric Greitens’ call for another extraordinary session concerning abortion, we spoke with Rep. Jay Barnes about the legislation headed to the House floor, and some of the changes he […]

Long day (and night) in Senate leads to compromise on abortion bills

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The legislature endured a slow day in special session Wednesday that stretched to just past midnight in the Senate. But eventually, significant progress was made towards achieving the goal of meeting the call Gov. Eric Greitens issued for his second extraordinary session. While the Senate was […]

Half attendance at Governor’s tax committee to discuss for Gross receipt tax

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Having completed their four town hall events, the Governor’s Committee for Simple, Fair and Low Taxes returned to the capital city this week for more presentations. Half of the committee was in attendance as Chairman Joel Walters was joined by Will Scharf, Rep. Jay Barnes, Sen. […]

House complies with half of Greitens’ call, rejects other half

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri House passed Rep. Don Rone’s bill 120-17 with several small amendments, but it lacks language that would give utilities the ability to look at increasing rates for grid modernization which would potentially jeopardize the bill in the Senate. Speaker Todd Richardson thanked the House […]

Collateral source makes it to Greitens in final days of session

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – One of the most impactful pieces of tort reform to emerge from the General Assembly this year passed out of the House Thursday afternoon in the final leg of its journey to the governor’s desk. Sen. Ed Emery’s SB 31, which would change the collateral source […]

House sends Romine’s discrimination bill to Greitens

Republican leaders stave off amendments from own party JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – One of the most controversial measures of the 2017 session will head to Gov. Eric Greitens’ desk after a long, deliberative six-hour debate on the House floor Monday evening. SB 43, which makes substantial changes to the Missouri […]