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Right-to-work set to appear on November ballot after signatures certified

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The right-to-work initiative petition has officially prevailed and will be appearing on the November 2018 ballot. More than 300,000 signatures were gathered and presented in an effort to put SB 19, also known as the “right-to-work” law, in the hands of Missouri’s voters during the next […]

St. Louis convention prepares unions to ‘kick ass when time comes’

ST. LOUIS – National and international union groups have poured into St. Louis for the national AFL-CIO convention. President of the Missouri AFL-CIO Mike Louis was among some of the representatives to welcome the various labor factions to St. Louis. He mentioned that despite several laws which have put pressure […]

Missouri Supreme Court denies transfer of right-to-work cases

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Opponents of right-to-work picked up another win on Thursday as the Missouri Supreme Court denied the transfer of two pending cases seeking to block a referendum and proposed ballot initiative from landing on the November 2018 ballot. The Supreme Court denied the requests to take up […]

AFL-CIO announces national convention in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS – The AFL-CIO announced that it will be holding its 2017 national convention on October 22-25 at America’s Center Convention Complex in St. Louis. The convention is expected to allow union advocates to strategize for labor reform, under the theme “Join Together. Fight Together. Win Together.” A several […]

AFL-CIO president calls submitting petitions ‘best day I ever had’

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – On Sunday’s episode on This Week in Missouri Politics, Missouri AFL-CIO President Mike Louis spoke about his leadership on repealing right-to-work. For Louis to override the Governor’s signature, he needed to collect at least 100,000 signatures from six of Missouri’s eight congressional districts. On August 18, or […]

Palmyra Mayor running for Missouri House seat

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The mayor of Palmyra, Loren Graham, announced that he will be running for the House District 5 seat in 2018. Currently, the office is occupied by Lindell Shumake, who is faced with term limits at the end of 2018. Graham has been mayor for 12 years. […]

Union advocates organize to repeal 2017 labor bills

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Before the Labor day weekend, union advocacy groups are organizing in an effort to repeal the labor reform bills passed in 2017 – like right-to-work, prevailing wage repeal efforts, the St. Louis minimum wage cap, and the employment discrimination bill better known as SB 43. Among […]

Unions look to force statewide vote with 310,000 signatures seeking to block right-to-work

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – It seems that, pending a review of petitions by Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, Missouri labor unions’ efforts in the fight to push back right-to-work laws from taking effect in the Show-Me State have been successful. Thousands of anti-RTW protesters crowded the State Capitol on Friday […]