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In-depth: Rupp discusses compromise and tough decisions that went into Senate Bill 1

In-depth: Rupp discusses compromise and tough decisions that went into Senate Bill 1

By Ashley Jost JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — For Sen. Scott Rupp, R-St. Charles, the work that went into crafting Senate Bill 1 — the workers’ compensation legislation — required hours of listening, negotiating and ultimately, silence behind a closed door. In order to compile what he thought to be the most effective bill to answer

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Bill seeks to eliminate solid waste management districts

By Eli Yokley Legislation is pending that aims to do away with the State’s 20 solid waste management districts. Sen. Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia, has filed the legislation, SB13, in response to what he feels is an overly bureaucratic, outdated system. The districts are currently funded by a $2.11 per ton tax on solid waste at

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Staff Profile: Sarah Nussbaum

By Ashley Jost JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Sarah Nussbaum said she got lucky when she threw in her resume for a potential legislative assistant job last year after graduating from University of Missouri — Columbia, and got a call back. She said she was even luckier when the call she received was from Rep. Jill

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Lawmakers mull possibility of ending electronic voting

By Collin Reischman JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Legislation that would bar the use of electronic voting machines in Missouri elections was heard at the House Elections Committee hearing on Tuesday. The bill, House Bill 773 is sponsored by Rep. Sue Entlicher, R-Bolivar, and is similar to legislation she sponsored last year. She said the desire

Union Rally

Union workers lobby lawmakers against paycheck bill

By Collin Reischman JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Union workers rallied Wednesday against legislation that seeks to limit union rights. Brooks Sunkett, vice president of the Communication Workers of America, called pending “right to work” legislation an “assault on workers,” and an “all out attack on working families.” During the rally, the crowd began to chant


Legislators request PSC involvement in ISRS bill, Chairman Funderburk wants PSC findings before moving forward

By Scott Faughn JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – At the request of a member of the General Assembly, the Public Service Commission will weigh-in on legislation that would allow utility companies to impose an infrastructure surcharge on customers. According to a public statement, the PSC will contribute their thoughts on the safety, adequacy and reliability of