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Special Session and superlatives

This week, it’s a special podcast for a special session. Legislators return to the capital city for a special session, and to celebrate, this week’s podcast features Ben and Travis, the two statehouse reporters for the Missouri Times. We talk special session, what it means, and how long it could take. Becky and Rachael also


Circuit breaker tax breaks and terms limits with Sen. Bob Dixon

Sen. Bob Dixon joins Becky, Ben, and Rachael this week on the #MoLeg Podcast after a late night session in the Missouri Senate over the circuit breaker tax. Dixon talks about the debate over the issue, why it’s important to have PQs, and also gives us his take on term limits. We also find out


Rep. McCaherty talks budget and fully funding the foundation formula

This week on the #MoLeg Podcast, we get some fresh faces. Rep. John McCaherty joins Rachael and Ben, along with special guest co-host Phillip Arnzen, to discuss the House passing the state budget, fully funding the foundation formula and a little fun for the representative’s birthday. We also find out some interesting facts about the


Rep. Alferman talks all things budget

Rep. Justin Alferman joins the #MoLeg Podcast crew this week to talk about the House Budget committee’s work to mark up the budget and the work that went into finalizing each appropriation. We also learn a bit about how Alferman first got into politics, and why Rep. Mike Cierpiot is his favorite current legislator.


Nasheed talks St. Louis mayoral race, minimum wage

This week on the #MoLeg Podcast, Sen. Jamilah Nasheed joins Missouri Times publisher Scott Faughn and co-host Becky Lohmann to discuss a number of topics, including St. Louis’ mayoral race, the city’s minimum wage ordinance, and where she stands on the issue.