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MEC continues work to educate on campaign contribution changes

MEC continues work to educate on campaign contribution changes

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – On December 8, 2016, Article VIII, section 23 of the Missouri constitution went into effect, limiting campaign contributions to candidates seeking statewide office. Since then, Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC) Director James Klahr says things at the MEC have been busy as filers and donors across the state have wanted to learn


New contribution limits affect fundraising quarter ending

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Due to newly implemented campaign contribution laws passed during the November election, fundraising efforts for state candidates adapt to adhere to the new parameters that have been set. On April 3, 2017, the fundraising quarter for candidates will cease as local government prepares for the 2018 election process. According to the

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Campaign contribution law bans corporation donations to all candidates

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The new implementation of Missouri’s campaign contribution law could potentially present problems for candidates at local levels. The new law passed during the November election by a large margin of Missouri voters places limits and rules on how candidates and committees can accept donations, including how much can be donated. Perhaps


Missouri Ethics Commission looks to provide answers about Amendment 2

Throughout the 2016 election, campaign finance was a constant topic of controversy. Until 2016, Missouri was just one of a handful of states with no limits on campaign contributions or lobbyist gifts, having abolished donation limits in 2008. But the November passage of the Missouri State and Judicial Campaign Contribution Limits Initiative, also known as Constitutional

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MOGOV Countdown: Day 4

We’re now four days out from Election Day, and many people feel like they’ve seen more and more political ads this year than ever before. And, as it turns out, they have.  The Center for Public Integrity says Missouri’s gubernatorial candidates have aired more than 50,000 advertisements and spent more than $20 million combined. No state-level

Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens speaks to the audience during a town hall event in Jefferson City.

MEC to take depositions in MDP ethics complaint regarding Greitens donor list

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Times has learned that investigators from the Missouri Ethics Commission will take depositions Thursday morning as they investigate the ethics complaint from the Missouri Democratic Party that charges Republican gubernatorial nominee Eric Greitens’ campaign with using a donor list from his nonprofit to solicit funds for his campaign. Last


Several house candidates behind on filing Missouri Ethics Commission quarterly report

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Several House candidates have not filed an October Quarterly Report with the Missouri Ethics Commission and face accumulating fines until the reports are filed. The candidates include Democrats and Republicans and current representatives, including members in or running for leadership positions. Rep. Joe Don McGaugh, R-Carrollton; Travis Maupin, a Democrat running

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Judge rules Calzone will not have to register as lobbyist

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Circuit Judge Jon Beetem ruled in favor of activist Ron Calzone late last month, stating that he will not have to register as a lobbyist. The Missouri Ethics Commission filed a complaint against him over a year ago. They argued that his activities in the Capitol, speaking to legislators and advocating


MEC dismisses complaint against Democratic nominee for SOS

Complaint filed by former staffer Glenn Campbell   ST. LOUIS – The former general consultant for Robin Smith, the Democratic nominee for secretary of state, filed an ethics complaint against the Smith campaign. Even though the Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC) dismissed the complaint late Tuesday, the consultant says it raises questions about her campaign. Longtime

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Wieland wins case against Missouri Ethics Commission

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem ruled in favor of Sen. Paul Wieland Aug. 31 regarding a year-old legal battle with the Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC). In 2015, attorney JoAnn Karll of High Ridge, Missouri filed multiple ethics complaints against Wieland in his campaign for the 22nd Senate District. The MEC