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#150CampaignTour begins today

Just as last election this year the #F150CampaignTour is launching out for the last week of the campaign to take The Missouri Times coverage out of the newsroom and to every corner of the state.

“The reason we can look anyone in the eye and say we give our readers the most comprehensive coverage in this state is that we actually go to every corner of this state and talk to folks like County Commissioners, Farm Bureau Presidents, & folks that work for a living and listen to what they have to say”, said Missouri Times Publisher Scott Faughn. “There is no way to actually know what is on a guy’s mind who swings a hammer for a living in Carthage, or Chillicothe, or even St. Charles until you sit and have a beer with him in his favorite watering hole and listen to how he makes his mind up for who he votes for. Reading Twitter is a great way to not know a damn thing about what the folks of this state think. Actually, go in and listen to a man in a coffee shop in New Haven, that will get you more than reading a million tweets. That’s what we do with the #F150CampaignTour, and that’s why my #SteinOfKnowledge doesn’t miss.

Below are the 14 stops on this year’s tour.
#150CampaignTour Stops:
7.25 – Cole County
7.25 – Phelps County
7.26 – The GREAT Northwest
7.26- Jackson County
7.27 – Newton County
7.27 – Greene County
7.28 – “Freedom Lovin” Franklin County
7.29 – St. Charles County
7.29 –  Lincoln County
7.30 – Gussie’s Baseball Game
7.30 – First in meth last in math
7.31 St. Francois County
(should be renamed Engler County)
8.1 – Saline County
8.2 St. Louis County
If you want to join the #150CampaignTour when it comes to your town Faughn asks that you text him at 573-429-5770 or email him at