Cloria Brown leads parade of endorsements for Jim Murphy


Cloria Brown, Representative for Missouri House District 94 has announced her endorsement of Jim Murphy to succeed her.  Cloria is not term-limited out but is unable to run again due to health issues. Her endorsement is the latest in a parade of conservative leaders who are now endorsing Mr. Murphy’s campaign.  Other endorsements have come from Missouri State Treasurer Eric Schmitt, former Senator Jim Lembke, former GOP Chairman Ed Martin, former Representative Walt Bivens, former Representative Carl Hendrickson, and former Senator Will Kraus.

Treasurer Schmitt stated at the opening of the new GOP office in Saint Louis that South Saint Louis County is a bellwether for the upcoming elections.  He stated that “This is our beach head and this is a district that we must hold.”  Mr. Murphy says he plans on working every waking hour of every day to defend this seat and is honored that so many conservative leaders are backing him.