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Lawsuits and resignations: what you need to know ahead of the next Board of Education meeting

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – With each day, it seems that ongoing story of Gov. Eric Greitens’ attempt to oust Missouri State Board of Education Commissioner Margie Vandeven continues growing and taking new turns. The latest development is one that has been hinted at since the Board failed to vote out […]

State Auditor requests dismissal in Missouri Alliance for Freedom’s Sunshine case

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Attorneys for the State Auditor are requesting the courts to dismiss the lawsuit against the office on behalf of the Missouri Alliance for Freedom. The lawsuit stems from a July civil suit seeking to compel Auditor Nicole Galloway to produce documents related to an audit of […]

Federal judge tosses lawsuit, allows Attorney General investigation into

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit that sought to block the Missouri Attorney General from conducting an investigation. The lawsuit, filed by, came after Attorney General Josh Hawley’s office had requested documents and information as part of an investigation that began in May […]

Counsel requests a different judge in Board of Education lawsuit

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Amidst all of the recent controversy regarding the Missouri State Board of Education, two lawsuits have emerged as a result of the last meeting of the board and the attempt by some members to oust the current commissioner, Dr. Margie Vandeven. Two cases in which the […]

State Board of Education sued for violating Sunshine Law during vote to oust Commissioner

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The hits seem to keep coming following the recent activities from the Missouri State Board of Education and the alleged attempt from Gov. Eric Greitens to oust Commissioner Margie Vandeven. News broke Tuesday morning that one of the former appointees, Rev. Tim Sumners, had filed suit […]

Sumners files suit against Governor and Board in effort to reclaim seat

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – If there were any thoughts that Tim Sumners would roll over and accept the withdrawing of his appointment to the State Board of Education by Gov. Eric Greitens, think again. In a suit filed in the Cole County Circuit Court on Tuesday, Sumners is suing the […]

Hepatitis C cure allowed with state Medicaid after lawsuit

ST. LOUIS – A life-saving medicine that cures hepatitis C will now be available to the thousands of Missouri Medicaid recipients suffering from the disease. The decision to allow the medicine was permitted after litigation against the Missouri Department of Social Services (MDSS) brought by three Medicaid recipients represented by […]

Execution date set for Russell ‘Too Sick to be Executed’ Bucklew

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Tuesday, a 20-year legal battle over Russell Bucklew’s execution ended. In June 1997, Bucklew was found guilty of first-degree murder and was sentenced to be executed. In 1998, the judgment was upheld and then later stayed. In 2000, the post-conviction relief was overruled and his judgment […]

Judge Powell speaks of service while addressing Missouri Bar

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – “I’m adjusting as best as I can,” the Honorable W. Brent Powell said with a laugh while speaking at the Missouri Bar’s Fall Committee meetings. “One of the more difficult parts of the job is that I don’t get to make decisions by myself anymore,” Powell […]