JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Two representatives from opposite sides of the aisle, and opposite sides of the state, are joining forces to host Missouri’s first Capitol Pride event.

Since the General Assembly is typically not in session in June, when Pride in the LGBTQ community is celebrated, there has not been Capitol Pride event. This will be the first.

“No one has ever done this. When an organization like PROMO comes in, they are bringing in outsiders into the Capitol. We wanted to have a moment where the members, the House members, Senate members, staff, the lobbyists, everyone here inside the building could come and have a night for ourselves,” Rep. Greg Razer said.

On Monday, April 9, at 7 p.m. or upon adjournment, whichever is later, Capitol workers will take over Paddy Malone’s to celebrate Pride. Razer, along with Rep. Tom Hannegan, is playing host to the event.  

The event is being sponsored by ACLU of Missouri, AARP, the Catalyst Group, PROMO, and Zach Brunnert. Appetizers will be provided, the music and decorations will be fabulous, and speeches will be made. There will be a cash bar.

“We really want it to be bipartisan. So Greg invited the Democrat side, I invited my side, the Republican side, and we are just going to have a good time,” said Hannegan on the #moleg podcast.

Last year, Razer and Hannegan got together with former-Rep. Randy Dunn and invited other openly-gay staff members to dinner and drinks one night. They got to talking this year and wanted to do something similar again. From there, dinner and drinks evolved into an actual event.

“It’s gonna be a great time,” Hannegan said.