Author: Scott Faughn

Scott Faughn is the Publisher of The Missouri Times, and the owner of the SEMO Times in Poplar Bluff, Mo. To contact Scott, email, or via Twitter at @ScottFaughn.

This Week in Missouri Politics: Aggressive – not dirty – politics from both sides in the 8th 

This week’s special election in Jackson County has been the focus of state politics for the last several weeks and didn’t disappoint. It ended up with Republican Mike Cierpiot winning with a little over 50 percent, Republican-turned-Democratic dupe Jacob Turk with 7 percent, and Democrat Hillary Shields at 43 percent. […]

Anarchy in the 8th: Democrats score big win over Republicans placing Turk on ballot

LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. – As more records are becoming public, the evidence of the large-scale, well-coordinated Democratic effort to place a widely known but perennially unsuccessful Republican politician Jacob Turk on the ballot in the 8th Senate District is coming to light.  In a move of political brilliance, and well-organized […]

Rep. Rocky Miller picks his business over politics, and we should all thank him 

I always find it amusing when a Republican legislator who spends his five months a year working for the gub’ment and seven months a year working for someone else who creates jobs, or especially one whose primary income comes from the gub’ment, lectures those who actually employ people on economic development. It’s kinda […]

Dear Mr. Danforth, your self-righteous turkey call politics are their own brand of divisive 

Well, it’s been about 24 months, and that means the Cardinals are due for a new closer and, of course, John Danforth is due for a sanctimonious diatribe on the Republican Party. It’s been about that long since Danforth teamed up with Tony Messenger at the Post-Dispatch to launch an […]

Rep. Miller withdraws from floor leader’s race

OSAGE BEACH, Mo. – At the House Republican’s summer caucus Saturday, Rep. Rocky Miller withdrew from the House floor leader’s race. He released the following statement to The Missouri Times: “After careful consideration, I have made the decision to withdraw my name from consideration for Floor Leader. Expanding business requirements […]

Hypocrisy Abounds…

It’s an interesting thing having the privilege to observe Missouri politics. You could point to hypocrisy in all walks of life, but it seems especially acute in the political profession and I observed a bit the last few weeks from the popcorn gallery. The first was a hit piece ran […]

Wagner’s decision remakes Republicans’ 2018 plans 

After weeks of speculation, Congresswoman Ann Wagner made her decision to forego a run for US Senate and seek re-election to Congress. The very deep bench of ambitious Missouri Republicans spent their 4th of July holiday calculating their moves around the changed 2018 political landscape. U.S. Senate Prospects Governor Eric […]

I don’t always agree with David Humphreys, but that doesn’t mean he’s corrupt 

There is a troubling theme developing in state politics, if you disagree with someone and they are proving effective at moving the debate in a direction you oppose, you file an ethics complaint on them and encourage the FBI to investigate them.  David Humphreys is the latest example of someone […]

Massive tax increases on income, services, gas, and internet purchases included in draft of Governor’s Tax Committee Report

Under a draft plan of the Governor’s Tax Committee’s findings obtained by The Missouri Times taxes go up for a barber in Willow Springs, a gun store owner in Trenton, a man in Marble Hill buying a rifle scope online, or a person filling up their truck in Ashland. However, […]