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Fall ’24 Statewide Bench

Statewide Bench: Republicans
#1 House Floor Leader Jon Patterson
There is no limit to the future prospects of the next Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives. Depending on who the next Governor is he could be the vanguard of common sense, and the man who delivers some long sought legislative priorities.
He is calm in a crisis, he has the ability to unite extremist republicans with pro-business republicans, and has a back story unlike anyone in Missouri politics.
In short, regardless of who wins in August, Speaker Patterson is the future of the party coming out of the ‘24 elections.

Total Raised this Cycle: $348,408
Cash on Hand: $132,476
Missouri Alliance
Cash on Hand: $155,891

#2 Senator Tony Luetkemeyer
He took a while evaluating some races and other opportunities outside of elected office, but now it’s coming time for him to make a decision on whether he will be on the ballot in ‘24 or potentially wait four years to take the plunge.
He could run for AG this cycle or wade into crowded fields for another down ballot race. One thing is for sure he can raise money, and is one of the few state senators who have won both competitive primaries and competitive general elections.

Total Raised this Cycle: $1,195,456
Cash on Hand: $1,026,024
Tony PAC
Cash on Hand: $327,177
TOTAL CASH ON HAND: $1,353,201

#3 State Senator Lincoln Hough
He can appropriate, he can legislate, he can raise money, he can win a primary, he can win a general, the only question that remains is the one folks have been asking for four years, and that is does he want to run statewide.
If he runs and runs as himself, he is the Trump of Missouri. Keep in mind every republican who runs statewide pretends to have the job Lincoln actually has.
Back to the real question, does he want to do it?

Total Raised this Cycle: $205,609
Cash on Hand: $366,505
Lincoln PAC
Cash on Hand: $285,046

#4 State Senator Nick Schroer
Of the current 34 state senators not on the ballot in ‘24 Senator Schroer is the one most likely to to grace a statewide ballot one day.
He has an immense amount of talent, and especially a penchant for getting attention. Over the course of the next seven years he can, more than anyone else in the legislature, chart his own course for his future.

Total Raised this Cycle: $58,525
Cash on Hand: $73,282
1776 PAC
Cash on Hand: $103,020

#5 State Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman
I’ve said it before, when the stakes are high Senator Coleman is the most talented politician in the Missouri General Assembly.
She is taking more than her share of the St. Louis media attention, much like former Senator Schmitt, and she is starting to build up her credibility in the business community.
She has a major test this session, but if she stands her ground she will take off like a rocket in ‘25.

Total Raised this Cycle: $61,254
Cash on Hand: $29,858
Conservative Solutions for Missouri
Cash on Hand: $28,180

#6 Senator Travis Fitzwater
Senator Fitzwater was always a senator in a house office, until now he is a senator in a senate office. Now that he has won his seat in the upper chamber he has a district that spans the St. Louis and mid-Missouri media markets and he understands media and campaigns.
I don’t know where he chooses to run, but it won’t be surprising to see him select a series of issues and begin to build a statewide profile for when his senate career comes to an end.

Total Raised this Cycle: $46,449
Cash on Hand: $109,847
Kingdom Leadership PAC
Cash on Hand: $24,759

#7 State Representative Bill Hardwick
Rep. Hardwick’s background as a combat veteran, an attorney, and now a polished legislator has multiple doors open for him to take the next step after the state house.
He could run to replace Senator Justin Brown or he could have been a top contender for house leadership, either way he has statewide talent whenever he decides to employ it.

Total Raised this Cycle: $93,563
Cash on Hand: $92,642

#8 State Representative Bishop Davidson
This is the most talented guy you might not have heard of yet. He can raise money, he can organize campaigns, and he can motivate people. He will succeed at whatever he does next, and most believe there will be a next.

Total Raised this Cycle: $23,724
Cash on Hand: $47,246

#9 State Representative Melanie Stinnett
Springfield has long been known for producing talented republican legislators, and the leader of the next generation is Rep. Melanie Stinnett. She is being courted to run for SD 30 when Senator Hough retires, but regardless of where she lands next she is the exact type of messenger republicans will need out front on most any of their issues.

Total Raised this Cycle: $14,642
Cash on Hand: $24,759
Heart of SGF
Cash on Hand: $3,000

#10 Cole County Judge Chris Limbaugh
Judge Limbaugh is currently on the bench in Cole County, but has previously been elected the Prosecuting Attorney of Cole County, and hails from one of Missouri’s most legendary families.
He is young enough to make an extended run in statewide politics, would begin with near universal name ID, and could likely outraise anyone in any field.
He likely prefers the judicial route for his career, but don’t rule out him throwing his hat into the ring of elected politics again.

Senator Jason Bean flirted with an SOS run, but is seeking re-election.
State Senator Curtis Trent – He is an excellent senator, likely in leadership, after that you figure he will take on the next challenge.
Rep. Adam Schawdron, Senator Andrew Koenig, and former Senator Onder – Have now all left the tipsheet for statewide campaigns.
Senate Floor Leader Cindy O’Laughlin – She seems to enjoy the senate, but after that, I’d be surprised if she was done.

Statewide Bench: Democrats

#1 Senator Brian Williams
Senator Williams leads the bench for Democrats. He is best suited to not only win a primary, but to also put together a campaign that could be competitive in a deeply red state.
Williams can raise money with anyone in the party, he is one of the best performing Democrats in the media, he is a Democrat who can raise money from corporations and is popular with activists. Further he can tout the passage of the law banning chokeholds in a super majority of republicans and signed by a republican governor.
The question for Missouri Democrats is can they convince him to run statewide or will he prefer to continue his career in an office in the St. Louis area.
Either way Senator Williams has three years left in the state senate and with all that talent and support you have to assume that he will be persuaded to continue his career in some form.

Total Raised this Cycle: $433,580
Cash on Hand: $227,977
Cash on Hand: N/A

#2 Senator Greg Razer
Senator Razer is a rising star for democrats, coming out of the McCaskill staff he is a throw back to when democrats won elections, and has the pragmatic skill to do it again.
He is the first openly gay male state senator and has utilized that fact to be very vocal in standing up for the LGBTQ community.
He still has some time in the senate before he has to choose, but during that time a statewide run could look like less of a longshot for the Senator from Jackson (but really Pemiscot).

Total Raised this Cycle: $99,905
Cash on Hand: $109,540
KC Neighbors for Progress
Cash on Hand: $74,419

#3 Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas
The charismatic Mayor of Kansas City can raise money, and has a good track record in the city to run on, has shown he can simply dominate in the media, and has proven he can win a tough election.
He has kicked the tires on the U.S. Senate race, but appears to be sitting it out. No one knows what the future holds, but he is too good to retire at the end of his term. If the congressional seat opens up then he starts as the favorite, if another KC Mayor retires while Congressman Cleaver is still in office then who knows what his future holds.

Total Raised this Cycle: $1,230,842
Cash on Hand: $ 818,133

#4 State Representative Keri Ingle
She is one of the most talented politicians in the next wave of democrats moving up in the ranks. She flipped a red seat in the Lee’s Summit area and has done nothing but impress everyone in Jefferson City since.
She seems like she is in line to run for SD8 next cycle, but the democrats couldn’t find any better statewide candidate than her going forward.

Total Raised this Cycle: $24,473
Cash on Hand: $55,642
Keri PAC
Cash on Hand: $6,471

#5 President of the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen Megan Green
The new President of the Board of Alderman has been at the forefront of the progressive movement in the state for years now. She unseated an incumbent to win her first aldermanic race, and after two unsuccessful campaigns one for her current job and one for state senate she is riding high with a citywide win and Board of Aldermen full of allies.
If you want to know where the progressive movement is heading, look to the woman who has been on the cutting edge of it here in Missouri.

Total Raised this Cycle: $76,401
Cash on Hand: $17,282
Progress PAC
Cash on Hand: $1,195

#6 Senator Tracy McCreery
She is one of the most politically talented politicians in the state of Missouri. She has learned to navigate internal progressive democrat politics to avoid a primary, and win undecided votes to win a swing state senate seat in the suburbs.
Most think her political ambition lies within St. Louis either a congressional seat or maybe a county office, but she would be an outstanding candidate statewide as well.

Total Raised this Cycle: $36,388
Cash on Hand: $35,340
Serve Missouri PAC
Cash on Hand: $17,246

#7 State Representative Betsy Fogle
Betsy Fogle can get votes. She can get votes from democrats, she can get votes from independents, and she can even get votes from republicans.
If the national democrats choose to begin competing in Missouri again then she is the exact type of candidate they will need to be front and center.

Total Raised this Cycle: $19,109
Cash on Hand: $ 28,957
Forward PAC
Cash on Hand: N/A

#8 State Senator Doug Beck
You remember when democrats used to win elections, well it was guys like Doug Beck on the ballot that won them. He can raise lots of labor money, and he can talk hogs, dogs, and logs with a protester in St. Louis and a farmer in St. Clair County.
He is what winning for democrats looks like.

Total Raised this Cycle: $206,364
Cash on Hand: $298,712
Cash on Hand: $138,577

#9 State Representative Ashley Aune
One of the first places you read about the emerging talent of Crystal Quade was on this tipsheet, well take it from me Rep. Aune is very capable of being the new Crystal Quade. She has all the ability to lead, she can negotiate, she is a right person for democrats to have delivering their message in the swing suburban seats the democrats started turning under Quade.

Total Raised this Cycle: $134,137
Cash on Hand: $39,488

#10 Former Columbia Mayor Brian Treece
The former Mayor of Columbia wrapped up a very very successful run, and after a short stint on the MODOT commission he is still clearly interested in serving. He comes from the mold of your Nixons or McCaskills, you know democrats who won elections.
He would have strong labor support and a network of contacts from his years working around the capitol. If the democrats put together a real ticket that could win he would be a top recruit.

‘22 State Rep candidate Jess Piper – She can organize and fundraise and no one in this state can piss off republicans quite like Jess Piper.
Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker – She is now free from county office, would she throw her hat in the ring?
Kansas City City Councilman Wes Rogers – Everyone just loves Wes. He has a better understanding of the regular people of the state that used to vote Democratic than maybe anyone in the Democratic party.
Rep. LaKeysha Bosley– Legendary St. Louis name, and even more talent. I don’t know what she does next or when, but she will be good at it.