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As thousands of students transfer, lawmakers search for possible fixes

Update: Late Tuesday evening, Knost, Mehlville’s Superintended, issued a statement that was emailed to parents in the district and posted on Facebook saying the district had received a Declaratory Judgment and Injunctive Relief against them over their admittance of less than half of the transfer applicants from RGSD. Stay tuned for updates […]

Jones discusses likelihood of HB 253 override after podcast comments, Nixon responds

ST. LOUIS — Twitter hype began Tuesday afternoon after House Speaker Tim Jones made a comment on the St. Louis Beacon and KWMU Politically Speaking podcast that he might not bring up the much-discussed House Bill 253 for a veto override during September. HB 253, the tax cut bill, has been […]

Gordon Parks Elementary court battle could indicate future legislative involvement

ST. LOUIS — Gordon Parks Elementary’s day in court Monday yielded the results they hoped for: a ruling that said their charter was wrongfully not renewed by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, giving the chance to reopen their doors for the coming school year. While the development involving […]

Ellinger looks to decriminalize marijuana, searching for bi-partisan support

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The push nationally to change laws regarding the use of marijuana is having its first waves in Missouri. Last May, a bill that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana got a formal hearing in the House, farther than any bill of that kind has […]

Interim Medicaid committee hearing in Columbia shows expansion support

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Last week, Rep. Noel Torpey, a Republican from Independence who chairs the Citizens and Legislators Working Group on Medicaid Eligibility and Reform, tweeted that it was “crystal clear” thus far that Missourians want Medicaid expanded as called for by the federal Affordable Care Act. The third of […]

Torpey says testimony from Medicaid committee is all pro-expansion so far

ST. LOUIS — With two of the six meetings complete for his interim committee looking at Medicaid options for the state, Rep. Noel Torpey, R-Independence, said citizens are hopeful for Medicaid expansion and reform. Last Friday, this post on Twitter from Torpey gained some attention from pro-Medicaid expansion groups: After […]

Nixon senior advisors testify about the DOR before Privacy Protection Committee

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Several senior advisors to Gov. Jay Nixon testified today before a committee investigating the scanning of documents by the Department of Revenue and the state’s actions complying with the federal REAL ID Act. The Bipartisan Investigative Committee on Privacy Protection, chaired by Rep. Stanley Cox, R-Sedalia, […]

Column: CMF’s Brian Schmidt responds to column urging veto override of HB 253

In a recent column, Ray McCarty applauded Kansas’ recent tax changes in an effort to bolster similar but equally misguided tax cuts here in Missouri. But the truth is clear: cutting taxes for the rich while undermining investments in things that Missouri families rely on everyday – like neighborhood schools, […]