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Kalena Bruce calls on opponents not living in the 4th District to exit the race

BOLIVAR, Mo—Kalena Bruce announced on Wednesday her campaign was immediately calling for all opponents not living in the 4th Congressional District to exit the race.  The State Legislature passed congressional maps late Thursday evening of last week. 

“The legislature has done their job and passed congressional maps for our state.  Missourians deserve to have a representative who lives, works, and raises a family in their actual district,” Kalena Bruce said.  “That is why I am immediately calling for the candidates who do not live in the 4th congressional district to immediately exit the race.”

With the new maps in place, more than half of the republican candidates for the 4th Congressional seat no longer live in the district. One candidate for Congress, Sara Walsh, released a statement Monday stating she was leaving the race, in part, due to her home being redistricted into the 3rd District instead of the 4th which she was previously running in.  

“I applaud those who make the decision to run for congress and put their name on the ballot, but you should live in the district you are running for, it’s that simple,” Bruce said. “Now that we have 4th congressional district lines, it’s time to get serious about who we send to Congress. As voters evaluate candidates, I believe it’s important to look at those who truly reside and have a first-hand connection to the issues and challenges of the individuals and families they will represent in Congress.” 

“Rural Missourians need a voice in congress,” Bruce stated.  “If you live in the Kansas City or Columbia suburbs in another congressional district, you shouldn’t be on the ballot to represent the people living in our district. As the only farmer in the race, a small business owner, political outsider, and one of the few candidates that actually live in the district, I am prepared to advocate on behalf of our region in Washington DC.”

Bruce recently released her first ad of the campaign cycle and the only ad from any candidate in the 4th Congressional primary. Her ad features a clip of former President Donald Trump in January 2019. Trump recognized and thanked Kalena for her extensive work helping the Trump Administration develop and implement the Tax Cut and Jobs Act that led to Missouri families saving upwards of $4,000 a year on their taxes.

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