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Opinion: Preserving Truth, Protecting Transparency: Standing Against Misleading Ballot Language

As we navigate the resilient and enduring landscape of our constitutional republic, one principle stands paramount: honesty and transparency are essential to the public trust of our great nation. Recent events, however, have cast a shadow on this fundamental value. The proabortion initiatives that have surfaced in Missouri demand our attention and discernment. In this crucial moment of time, it is both our right and duty to stand for truth, demand integrity and, in so doing, safeguard the trust voters expect from their public servants.

I wholeheartedly commend Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft’s willingness to take that stand in preserving that trust. His decision to challenge the misleading ballot language penned by Judge Beetem is essential in taking a stand for the truth and transparency voters expect and rely on by all who serve them in public office, regardless the branch of government it arises from.

At the heart of this issue lies a battle for truth. The pro-abortion initiatives being pushed forward threaten to fundamentally alter the fabric of our society. They seek to enshrine in our Missouri Constitution the barbaric practice of intentionally ending the lives of unborn children at any stage of development. Furthermore, these initiatives would shield perpetrators of heinous crimes like rape, incest, human trafficking, and abuse of women and minors from the justice they rightfully deserve.

In the face of such alarming proposals, it is our collective responsibility to ensure that the citizens of Missouri fully understand the gravity of what is at stake. Judge Beetem’s attempt to obscure the true consequences of these initiatives through rewritten ballot language is not only disheartening but a disservice to the public trust. It is a blatant attempt to mislead voters, denying them the opportunity to make an informed decision about the future of our state.

As Greene County Clerk, I was the only elected official in the state willing to put my name on the line and provide a cost estimate for these dangerous and misleading ballot proposals. The cost estimate I submitted allowed Attorney General Bailey to file a lawsuit challenging the inaccurate potential cost of these ballot initiatives, which in reality could be close to $12 Billion for our state. Secretary Ashcroft rightly recognizes the dangers posed by these initiatives. By refusing to stand idly by and allowing misinformation to prevail, Ashcroft has exemplified the courage and integrity that all public officials should embody.

As a Republican candidate for Secretary of State, I wholeheartedly support Secretary Ashcroft’s stance. We must reject any attempts to obscure the truth and manipulate the process to hide the truth. Missourians deserve clarity and honesty when it comes to matters as vital as amending our state’s Constitution. It is my pledge to continue this fight for truth and transparency, ensuring that the voice of every citizen is heard, and our vested values remain unblemished. Together, let us uphold the sanctity of our republic and stand against any efforts to mislead the very people it is called to serve.