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Rep. Randy Railsback to seek reelection in the new District 2

Trenton, Mo. — Rep. Randy Railsback, the Republican incumbent of the newly drawn House District (HD) 2, seems to be the front runner and established candidate in the district’s 2022 primary race.

Railsback won his first election in 2020, in which he became the state representative for HD 8. The new redistricting maps, drawn during spring session, have moved Caldwell County into HD 2 — which also includes the counties of Daviess, Grundy, Harrison, and Worth.

The great Northwest is not unfamiliar territory to Railsback as he was the Regional Planning Commission Director in Trenton for 18 years, and the Northwest Regional Council of Government Director in Maryville for 12 years prior to that.

He also has worked with his local governments in his district to provide them with guidance on certain subjects to better serve their communities.

To add to his resumé which may give him am edge for the HD 2 election, Railsback is also coming off an involved freshman session in the House.

He served on six different committees, Transportation, Local Governments, Financial Institutions, Downsizing State Government, Workforce Development, and which the Speaker appointed him to based on his prior experience and knowledge. Railsback was elected to serve on the House Procedures Committee, as one of only four freshmen representatives to do so.

Railsback was named Freshman of the Year for Economic Development at the end of the 2022 session.

“This is the end of my career, it is not the beginning, I am not doing this to try and run for something else. So I am gonna protect my district and do what I can for my region,” Railsback said.

Railsback’s history and ties to the district will make him tough to beat. Railsback’s background in farming and his longtime residence of Caldwell County give him close local ties to a rural district.

Railsback faces a young challenger, Mazzie Boyd, in the August primary. Boyd has previously worked alongside high-profile conservatives like U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt and U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The winner of the Republican primary will go on to face Lois Pontius, a Democrat from Harrison County who is running unopposed in her primary election.

To learn more about Railsback and the HD 2 race you can visit our website, here.