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Department of Corrections hearing leaves questions unanswered, irks legislators

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Frustration from lawmakers filled the latest hearing of the committee designed to investigate a glut of harassment allegations in the Missouri Department of Corrections. House members on the Subcommittee on Corrections Workforce Environment and Conduct heard testimony Thursday morning from two officials within the department that […]

Precythe promises “new day” for Missouri corrections

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The first official hearing of the committee investigating sexual and racial harassment claims against certain Department of Corrections employees instead served as more an introductory hearing for the department’s new chair, Anne Precythe. Precythe spoke with legislators on the Subcommittee on Corrections Workforce Environment and Conduct […]

House committee to investigate sexual harassment claims in Dept. of Corrections

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Rep. Jim Hansen will chair a committee to investigate claims of sexual harassment within the Department of Corrections uncovered toward the end of last year by Kansas City’s Pitch newspaper. House Speaker Todd Richardson and House Corrections and Public Institutions Committee Chair Paul Fitzwater announced the formation […]

St. Louis Regional Chamber awards anti-SJR 39 and pro-business legislators

ST. LOUIS – Last week, the St. Louis Regional Chamber awarded six legislators the title of “Chamber Champion” for their work in defeating SJR 39. Reps. Mike Colona, Jim Hansen, Jeremy LaFaver, Sharon Pace, Caleb Rowden and Anne Zerr were the six representatives who voted against the controversial “religious liberties” measure in the […]

St. Louis Chamber hands out ‘Champion’ awards including ‘SJR Six’

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The St. Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce named the six legislators who voted to kill SJR 39 as Champion Award Winners on Wednesday afternoon. Reps. Mike Colona, Jim Hansen, Jeremy LaFaver, Sharon Pace, Caleb Rowden and Anne Zerr were named as recipients of the award. All […]

New PAC takes aim at anti-SJR 39 Republicans

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A national PAC has filed paperwork in Missouri to begin attacks on the three Republican legislators that stopped SJR 39 from leaving the Emerging Issues Committee in April. The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) started the National Organization for Marriage in Missouri PAC earlier this month, […]

After tearful discussion, SJR 39 dies in committee

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After a 41-hour long filibuster by Senate Democrats, a four-and-a-half hour hearing in the House Emerging Issues Committee, and weeks of deliberation by the representatives on that committee, SJR 39 failed to pass through the House on a bipartisan vote of 6-6. The controversial and hotly […]

Vote pushed back on SJR 39, support not there yet

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After a day of anticipation, the expected vote on SJR 39 in the House Emerging Issues Committee Wednesday night fizzled at the last moment due to a lack of support. Many Republicans initially thought to be ‘yes’ votes do not support the bill after significant lobbying efforts on […]

Young Bankers Day at the Capitol

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo – The Missouri Bankers Young Leadership Division spent time at the capitol today to discuss issues important to the association.  Adam Trower chairman of the Young Bankers Leadership Division and Vice President of Community State Bank in Bowling Green and three other members of the leadership division […]