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Association Profile: The Missouri Transportation Alliance

By Collin Reischman JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — It is not common for government agencies to receive positive feedback from the citizenry in spades. The typical Missourian need look no farther than the recent Department of Revenue document scanning scandal to see that sometimes state agencies are not very popular. That is why former Missouri Senate


Teamwork is required in the Richardson household

Spouse profile: Amber Richardson By Scott Faughn POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. — More things must fall into place than meets the eye for Rep. Todd Richardson, R-Poplar Bluff, to serve in Jefferson City. And many of those things are done by his wife, Amber. “Todd and I are very close,” Amber said. “We text all day,


Staff Profile: Caroline McClung

By Collin Reischman JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Every weekend, Caroline McClung drives back to her district and her home, in Sikeston, Mo. She doesn’t live in town during session, or even nearby in Columbia. No, she lives at home, and spends the work week in Jefferson City. She says it helps with her work. After


Association Profile: Missouri Budget Project

By Collin Reischman JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Founder of the Missouri Budget Project, Amy Blouin, likes to say the organization serves as a resource for legislators. Probably because they do something most of the elected officials just don’t have time to do: wade knee-deep into budget and tax policy issues. One of the better parts

Roe Feature

Jeff Roe chosen to speak at CPAC

By Scott Faughn Native Missouri political consultant Jeff Roe, founder of Axiom Strategies, has been asked to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference on a distinguished panel ominously entitled, “Should We Shoot all the Consultants Now?” Roe will speak alongside Morton Blackwell, president of the  The Leadership Institute and a world renowned pollster The

joan feat

Joan Branson retires after 34 years with the House

By Ashley Jost JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — When Joan Branson talks about the 34 years she spent working in the Missouri House of Representatives, she fights back happy, nostalgic tears of the memories and friends that she made. “The House will always be my home,” Branson said while giving in to her emotions. “I grew