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Associations that Mattter: Missouri Healthcare Association

by Collin Reischman Jefferson City, MO — The Missouri Health Care Association (MHCA) is a leading voice in Missouri’s healthcare discussion, and their Executive Director, Jon Dolan, is one of the most recognizable faces in the capitol. MHCA represents more than 350 of Missouri’s 500+ skilled nursing facilities and many assisted living facilities. As the


Dining With Nancy

by Nancy Giddens I’m not one for New Year resolutions, but, I’m off with a bang in 2013. I did something I never thought I would or could do. For the first time in 36 years, I called a man and asked him for a date. Okay, so he’s married (love you, Cyndi), he’s my


Tobacco Free Missouri Rallies in Capitol

Jefferson City, MO — Tobacco Free Missouri held a rally on Wednesday, Jan 23rd in the Capitol Building, the goal of which was to educate new legislators on tobacco legislation and clean air laws, according to TFM Director Traci Kennedy. “We think of ourselves as pro-clean air,” Kennedy said. “We’ve got 200 schoolchildren here today

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Associations that Matter: MCCA

by Collin Reischman Jefferson City, MO — The Missouri Community College Association is focusing on funding for higher education and ensuring better job training for the upcoming legislative session. “Generally, Community Colleges are significantly underfunded per-student than colleges in other states,” said Zora Mulligan, Executive Director for MCCA. “We have a considerable variety in terms

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Brian Grace #ProBonoChallenge

by Collin Reischman Jefferson City, MO – Lobbyists sometimes get a bad rap. Whether it’s by name, in whatever beltway they work in, or by the simple reputation of their profession. But when Brian Grace, Senior Managing Director at SNR Denton, issued his Twitter challenge, #ProBonoChallenge, he remind citizens why “lobbyist” isn’t always a pejorative.

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2002 Republican Majority Holds 10-year Reunion

Jefferson City, MO — A 10 year reunion for the historic republican majority of 2002 was held in the House Lounge on Tuesday, January 22. The republican state legislators responsible for winning a majority in 2002, the first for the party in the state in decades, spoke to a crowd of family and fellow lawmakers

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Associations that Matter: MATA

by Scott Faughn Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys 573-625-5215 President: Tim Dollar of Dollar, Burns, & Becker in Kansas City Director: Sara Schuett Members: 1,300 The Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys mission is to protect the civil justice system and the right to trial by jury. On the road to accomplishing that mission they


Travis Brown Authors Book: How Money Walks

by Collin Reischman Founder of Pelopidas LLC, a lobbying firm, Travis Brown is writing a book that has an unusual bonus: a smartphone app. Brown told The Missouri Times that his book, “How Money Walks,” will accompany a smartphone app of the same name. The book compiles data from the IRS detailing how Adjusted Gross