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Plocher announces bid for floor leader, looks to advance caucus


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — After serving four years in the Missouri House, Rep. Dean Plocher is looking to serve his caucus in a leadership role. The St. Louis County lawmaker officially announced his bid for flood leader Monday.

“You know I am not afraid to stand up for my beliefs and our caucus. My efforts will not abate when it comes to protecting our caucus and our conservative principles,” he wrote in his announcement letter. “I will advocate for caucus members’ priorities, recognizing that we will not agree on every issue or vote, but that those differences help make our caucus even stronger. I will ensure our path forward is articulated and our successes defined.”

“I have consistently been a strong leader in the House — from being [General] Laws chair, to handling hard legislation on the floor, to working with colleagues to help them get their legislation [passed],” Plocher told The Missouri Times.

The sophomore Republican was first elected to the House in a 2015 special election. Plocher manages his own law firm and previously served as a municipal judge in the 21st Judicial Circuit and as a prosecuting attorney. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he worked in the financial management industry.

A self-described people person, Plocher said he enjoys public service and helping out his fellow lawmakers — a task he looks forward to continuing.

“I want to help the caucus. I feel like I can do it best by just jumping into the ring,” said Plocher.

Looking ahead, he noted “Missouri has a lot to look forward to” and said he was “excited” to face upcoming challenges. One goal he has is to ensure Missourians are “able to get jobs and not just debt.”

During his time in the House, Plocher has experienced the styles of two different floor leaders — Rep. Rob Vescovo and now-Sen. Mike Cierpiot. Each had his own way of leading, Plocher noted, which worked for them.

Everyone has to chart their own path on how they want to do things, according to Plocher. He added he would keep lines of communication open, encourage the participation of all caucus members, and not be afraid to work across the aisle.

“There is not one individual I choose to emulate. I’d rather grab a balance between the styles of Vescovo, Cierpiot, and [former-House Speaker Todd] Richardson,” Plocher said.  

The floor leader vote will be held after the 2020 election. Reps. Curtis Trent and Chuck Basye have also announced there bid for the position.