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Bipartisan Senate team to review Planned Parenthood documents


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. —  A bipartisan group of Senators will review documents turned over by Planned Parenthood after an agreement reached Thursday, Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard, R-Joplin, announced.

The document turnover is part of a deal reached between Planned Parenthood and the Senate that keeps Planned Parenthood of St. Louis and Southwest Missouri CEO Mary Kogut from being forced to testify in front of a Senate Committee of the Whole in response to subpoenas originating from Sen. Kurt Schaefer’s, R-Columbia, Interim Sanctity of Life Committee.


“In exchange for their compliance, we will suspend contempt proceedings at this time,” Richard said. “By Planned Parenthood fulfilling the request to produce documents, the Senate can continue its investigation to find out what happens to fetal tissue in Missouri.”

To review the documents, Richard said he would work with Sen. Joseph Keaveny, D-St. Louis, to create a bipartisan committee over the next couple of weeks.

Those documents have been narrowed as part of the deal to include policy-related documents that won’t risk patient privacy.

Dr. James Miller of Pathology Services, who received the other subpoena did plead the fifth, reserving the right not to incriminate himself.

“I am pleased that Planned Parenthood has finally agreed to cooperate with our investigation and that Missourians may soon actually know what happens to aborted babies, but I am disappointed that Dr. Miller has refused to cooperate, as he could have aided in answering vital questions,” Schaefer said.