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Senate Hour by Hour Friday, May 12

During the last two weeks of the session, The Missouri Times will bring you hourly updates of floor activity for each chamber. Below is all the activity in the Senate from Friday, May 12.

5:00 Hour

Sen. Moon and Sen. Brattin continued their inquiry. Sen. Hoskins spoke on the motion. Sen. Fitzwater also spoke on the motion.

President Pro Tem Rowden inquired Majority Floor Leader O’Laughlin.

Sen. May requested a point of privilege to honor Majority Floor Leader O’Laughlin.

The senate adjourned at just before 6:00 p.m.

4:00 Hour

Sen. Moon and Sen. Brattin continued their inquiry.

3:00 Hour

The Senate gaveled in at 3:30 P.M.

Senator Moon offered an amendment, SA #1, to the senate journal and moved for its adoption. The amendment was to have the Senate adjourn saying the Senate “failed”. Senator Moon requested a roll call vote but did not have enough member standing, so then motioned for a standing division. Senator Brattin then inquired Senator Moon about the amendment.

The Senate reconvened shortly before 11:00 A.M.

10:00 Hour

Senator Eigel motioned for a substitute motion on Senator Trent’s bill, SB 275, but was not recognized, until much yelling and distress. Senator Rowden finally recognized him after Senator Trent made the motion to bring SB 275 to the floor, which caused Senator Hoskins, Moon, and Carter to announce that they too heard Eigel’s repeated attempts to be recognized.

Senator Eigel then called another point of order, to read out the rules of the Senate. He then asked that the point of order be well taken, and be finally recognized to make a substitute motion.

The point of order was well taken, which led Senator Eigel to make his substitute motion, and made a motion to tale SB 540 up for third reading and final passage.

Senator O’Laughlin then moved to have to amendments added to the substitute motion, and asked to take a roll call vote for SB 92 instead.

Senator Eigel then asked to speak on the bill which, in which he gave a heated recap of all the events that have taken place so far.

Senator Trent then spoke about his bill, SB 275, again to make sure everyone was aware that his bill was also about tax cuts, while noting that the Senate should not kill other tax cuts just because not all tax cuts will pass.

Senator O’Laughlin then made some remarks about the “political theatre” that has been shown today, and noted that as floor leader it is her job to make sure that there is not chaos in the Senate and things get done. She then noted that “we are all not running for governor” and that is is her job to make sure the Senate is civil and responsible for the citizens of Missouri.

Senator O’Laughlin’s amendment went into a roll call vote, and passed 26-8.

Senator Trent then brought SB 275 up for third reding and final passage.

11:00 Hour

Senator Eigel then took the floor to passionately talk about the “political theatre” that was brought up earlier by Senator O’Laughlin, while noting that everyone on the Senate floor has been apart of the “political theatre”. He then noted that the chamber is facing a defining moment and they have an opportunity to fight even if it “ruffles the feathers of some snowflakes” in the chamber.

Senator Eigel then attempted to filibuster, but Senator O’Laughlin was recognized for a point of personal privilege to speak on the issue of a personal property tax cut, along with remarks to Senator Eigel’s fiery speech, noting that “the Senator from the 23rd is my friend, or he was, but we all just want the Senate to function responsibly”.

Senator Eigel then inquired Senator Moon to speak about the morning’s event.

Senator O’laughlin then moved that the Senate stands adjourned until 3:00 P.M., which passed.