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Opinion: Moon wrong on legislation

Some may have read about a recent bill filed by Representative Mike Moon (R-Ash Grove) that would direct law enforcement to arrest and prosecute women for murder that carry out an abortion — no matter the circumstances. It’s beyond question that abortion is a moral evil. There’s a hole in our hearts and in our world where the more than 60 million aborted children should be. We should never cease in our message of the value of life, and we should do everything in our power to protect these children and end abortion in our state and country.

David Cole
David Cole is running for SD 29 (PROVIDED/DAVID COLE)

Over my many decades of pro-life advocacy, I’ve seen a lot. The pro-life movement is and should be many things; passionately committed to our goal, bold in ideas and action, and working continually to inform and educate others. There’s something else the pro-life moment should be — and that Mr. Moon’s bill is not — compassionate. At times we look at this issue as an “us-versus-them” fight when the reality is not always that simple. Some women in this situation are just scared. Scared of someone who may be trying to coerce them into aborting their baby. Scared of falling into poverty or scared of the responsibility of caring for a child when they are barely keeping it together themselves. This doesn’t change what abortion is — the taking of a human life — but it should guide us in how we approach and counsel women who come to our churches and pregnancy care centers seeking help and answers. As Christians we are called to love one another and show empathy and understanding towards those hurting. If we start with that attitude, we will help more women care for their children and, most importantly, we will save more lives. That’s heart of being pro-life.

And that’s ultimately the goal, isn’t it? To save lives. Not how many views your Facebook video gets or how many times your name is in the news. Mr. Moon’s bill is like so many other stunts and antics he’s pulled. It’s grandstanding. Mr. Moon has stated publicly that the Stand for the Unborn Act passed by the Missouri Legislature, and signed by Governor Parson, wasn’t really a pro-life success. He’s opposed many, if not most, pro-life bills for not fitting his definition of the perfect bill. While he hasn’t been a team player in his 7+ years in the House of Representatives, serious legislators have been passing laws that are saving lives. Laws like the 72-hour waiting period or the Stand for the Unborn Act that bans abortion after eight weeks and will immediately outlaw abortion when Roe v. Wade is overturned. The effects of these laws are real. Abortion clinics have been shut down. The number of abortions performed in Missouri is plummeting. More children are alive today because most lawmakers could park their pride and work together to pass laws that make a difference. At the end of the day, that’s the real measure of success — how many lives we are saving and changing. Rather than perpetuate the myth the pro-life movement is uncaring and unsympathetic; we need to be doing more to help women — not punish them. Maybe if Mr. Moon had been more concerned with making a difference, he might have been more successful in his legislative career.