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Derges found guilty on 22 charges

Derges owns four medical clinics in Southwest Missouri. Lift Up Springfield, her lone non-profit clinic, received nearly $300,000 in CARES Act reimbursement for COVID-19 testing. However, Lift Up did not provide any COVID-19 tests and was closed for the first three months of the pandemic.

Richey makes bid for Speaker of the House

"You have to not only have the ability, but be comfortable with speaking publicly on behalf of the House in a way that's clear and convictional and yet is not going to create problems for the House or the State of Missouri. And that's something I've done for well over two decades and enjoy that," Richey said.

The last day of the 2nd regular session of the 101st Missouri General Assembly, Part 3

“The discharge petition and Schatz’s ruling against Onder’s point of order were both nuclear events. The chamber was finished at that point,” Eigel said. “We had two final choices at that point; one, filibuster for 24 hours and then likely sustain a PQ, or allow the map to come to a vote and adjourn the session.”