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Cunningham: HCB3 replacement will be ‘hopefully one of the first bills in regular session’

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Sen. Mike Cunningham, R- Rogersville, sparked interest when he met with Missouri Governor Eric Greitens to unveil his proposed fix to budgetary cuts that removed in-home care for previously estimated 8,000 elderly Missourians. “We’re just going to take it during the regular session,” Cunningham said Monday. […]

Dogan to chair House Local Government Committee

JEFFERSON CITY – Representative Shamed Dogan has been appointed to be the Chair of the House Local Government Committee by House Speaker Todd Richardson. The committee is responsible for considering bills and all other matters that affect cities, counties, and other municipalities in Missouri. Dogan will be replacing Rep. Lyndall […]

Top advocacy groups create resource to protect interns in workplace

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (MCADSV), Partners In Prevention, and Women’s Foundation have developed a new strategy to protect interns from sexual harassment and sexual violence in the workplace. The groups announced the launch of the Intern Resource Network website, which allows users […]

This Week in Missouri Politics: Lots of trust in Steelman; Richardson makes it clear who runs the house

The new year rang in with every shrieking cries of alarm over a budget deficit that some of the more dramatic put at over $500 million. This led to a great deal of weeping and gnashing of teeth about the apocalyptic budget shortfalls. However, in the end, it came down […]

Even the smartest politicians have missteps every now and then

To be clear, I think that Jason Kander is one of the smartest politicians in the state. He seems to have an instinct about where the Democratic Party is going. He may have the best political instincts in the state. However, his performance last week should comfort every other politician […]

Richardson outlines legislative agenda to Columbia Chamber

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Speaker Todd Richardson spoke to members of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce Thursday about his legislative priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Richardson spoke at length with business owners about his excitement at the prospect of working with a Republican governor for the first time in his […]

Winners and Losers from Primary Night and Those with Awkward Wednesdays

Winners Eric Greitens Obviously the winner of the primary of a lifetime was the big winner of the night. His ad campaigns were outstanding. You can typically figure an ad that the Post-Dispatch hates will go over with Republicans. He literally was all over the state, and had no qualms […]

Hulshof sees role of UM Review Commission as ‘huge undertaking’

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – When Renee Hulshof was asked to accept a position with the newly formed University of Missouri Review Commission, a flurry of thoughts went through her mind. Among the first, said Hulshof, the conservative co-host of a popular AM talk show in Columbia, Mo., was that the […]

7 things the Speaker did to restore order in the House

Todd Richardson came to the Speakership a year earlier than expected, in a fog of ethics complaints and white hot fury from the editorial boards criticizing the “capitol culture.” His reforms got off to a rocky start with a committee to draft new intern policies taking months to come up […]