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Capitol Culture: Capitol Cafeteria Remodeld and Revitalized

Capitol Culture: Capitol Cafeteria Remodeld and Revitalized

by Collin Reischman The House cafeteria, located in the basement of the Capitol building, was in dire need of renovation, according to Capitol Director of Operations, Brad Werner.  “It’s been over 30 years since anything new was done with that space,” Werner said. “It was completely gutted. The walls are new, we upgraded the ventilation

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Speaker Creates Three New Standing Committees in Response to Rep. Hubbard’s Loss of Committee Assignments

Staff Reports UPDATED Jefferson City, MO — In response to the move by house democrats yesterday to remove Representative Penny Hubbard of her committee assignments after she cast the deciding 109th vote to place an emergency clause on an elections bill, Speaker of the House Tim Jones announced three new special standing committees on Urban


Tobacco Free Missouri Holds Rally in Capitol

By Collin Reischman Jefferson City, MO — Tobacco Free Missouri held a rally on Wednesday, Jan 23rd in the Capitol Building, the goal of which was to educate new legislators on tobacco legislation and clean air laws, according to TFM Director Traci Kennedy. “We think of ourselves as pro-clean air,” Kennedy said. “We’ve got 200


Jones Press Conference Supports New Bonding

By Collin Reischman Jefferson City, MO — House Speaker Tim Jones and Minority caucus vice-chair Chris Kelly joined forces at a press conference today aimed at supporting a  bond measure with the potential to be the largest in state history. Jones, who called a special committee to explore and propose bonding issues for the general


State Associations Map Legislative Agendas

by Collin Reischman The Missouri Times created a list of 55 state associations, lobbyists, non-profit organizations and other groups active in Jefferson City politics. We asked identical questions to representatives from each group. Below you’ll find the agenda’s and priorities of the organizations we were able to contact for the new legislative session. Missouri AFL-CIO


‘Consent of the Governed’ Rally in Capitol Draws Crowd

by Collin Reischman An annual rally, hosted by the Missouri Leadership Project, titled “Consent of the Governed,” was held in the Capitol rotunda on Wednesday, Jan 16. The rally featured speakers and activists from numerous statewide organizations and organizer Ron Calzone of Missouri First, called it a “success.” “The overreaching theme today, I think, is