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Joshua Barrett announces Senate bid for Romine’s seat


Republican Joshua Barrett announced his campaign for state senator earlier this week. 

A former Combat Engineer with the Marine Corps who served more than eight years — including three combat tours overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan —he has had extensive experience with cyber security, management, and public policy that he believes has given him an appreciation for his country and has given him experience to lead with. 

Barrett is running for the open seat in SD 3. The seat was most recently held by Sen. Gary Romine, a Republican who was appointed to the State Tax Commission earlier this year. 

“After much encouragement from members of the community and prayerful consideration, I’ve decided to run for state Senate to stand up for our shared conservative values,” Barrett said in a statement. “I am a lifelong conservative and combat veteran who will support our president and fight like a Marine to protect our rights here in Missouri.”

Barrett’s goals include reduction of government influence, cutting back on overreaching regulations on small businesses and working families, and providing opportunities to rural areas. He said he intends to promote economic development and focus on expanding small businesses in his district while dialing back governmental influence. 

Much of his focus is on conservative ideals, such as limited government and small business. He is also pro-life and pro-gun, he said. 

Barrett served in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11, gaining a new appreciation for the freedoms allotted in the U.S. In addition to serving with the Marines, he worked as an offshore logistics coordinator and in global security operations with MasterCard; he later worked as an implementation engineer.  

“Rural America, and America in general, needs a people’s champion,” Barrett told The Missouri Times. “I fought for my country, and this will be a kind of continuation of that service, on a legislative level.”

“I will be a warrior in the Senate for all citizens of this district, just as I will battle for my kids and all of our children’s future in this district,” said Barrett. “I believe my proven leadership experiences will help me push for meaningful reforms that defend our way of life for the next generation.”

Born in St. Louis, Barrett moved to Farmington nine years ago seeking a community in which to raise his family. He works part time with the Mineral Area College’s police department and serves on the board of directors for his family’s software company, United Technology Solutions. 

He attends St. Louis Family Church and is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), National Rifle Association (NRA), Heritage Foundation, and the Wounded Warriors Alumni.