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Unedited: Libla on Rone’s amendment

From Sen. Doug Libla Yesterday afternoon the Missouri Senate had on the floor for debate legislation that would help the New Madrid smelter being reopened with an “economic development electric rate subsidy.” Rep. Don Rone of Portageville attached an amendment to an unrelated House Bill that could have helped accomplished this, but it was high

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Letter to the Editor: Lift Ban On MO Alcohol Advertising

To the Editor: Mr. Overfelt’s opinion piece, “HB433 Upholds Free Speech in Missouri’s Free Marketplace” was right to criticize Missouri’s current liquor laws as burdensome relics of prohibition. Current law prevents alcohol retailers from advertising the sale price of their products, leaving businesses incapable of communicating special sales or offers, and consumers ill equipped to

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Op Ed: Missourians deserve a real transportation dialogue, not a toll road lecture

By Rep. Bryan Spencer There is no silver bullet to fixing Missouri’s transportation funding crisis. Believe me, we in the General Assembly have been searching for one. There is also no shortage of ideas from transportation bureaucrats and newspaper editorial boards; including the use of private investment to build new roads and then forcing state

Stand up for our veterans by protecting prevailing wage

By Al Bond, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Carpenters Regional Council and Brian Murphy, President of BAM Construction In the construction industry, we get to work with many remarkable veterans who come home to Missouri and literally build up their communities.  People like Danny Burlison and Eric Phillippe, who are veterans, construction workers, and fathers. Danny served our

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft discusses his office's budget with the House Budget Committee on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017. (Photo courtesy of Tim Bommel, Missouri House Communications)

Missourians Overwhelmingly Passed Photo Voter ID, Now What?

By Jay Ashcroft, Missouri Secretary of State Last November, Missourians voted to pass constitutional amendment six, paving the way for common sense voter ID, by a margin of 63 percent – 37 percent. The Missouri Secretary of State’s office is responsible for the implementation of the new photo ID law, set to take effect June

Missourians Should Be Able to Choose a Driver’s License that Complies with REAL ID

By Kevin Corlew, State Representative for District 14  The Missouri General Assembly is considering legislation that would give Missourians the ability to choose a state-issued driver’s license that complies with the federal REAL ID Act. In 2005, the U.S. Congress unanimously passed the REAL ID Act, which was signed into law by President George W.

Letter to the Editor: Labor unions can do well in right-to-work states

By Greg Johns Missourians for Right to Work           Missouri’s new Right to Work law does only one thing.  A company with a union contract cannot have a forced-unionism clause in the contract.  That’s it.  Everything else in the contract stays the same.  Wages, benefits, working conditions and etc.  The

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Letter to the Editor: Monopoly electric utilities are at it again

Over 40 high paid lobbyists employed by Ameren, KCP&L and other electric providers have once again descended upon the capitol building. Their mission is to convince legislators to force the Public Service Commission (PSC) to change their rate making authority and oversight of these money hungry monopolies with passage of Senate Bill 190. Widely known

ACLU of Missouri Supports Password Protection Bill

 SB316 protects the right to privacy, free speech for students, employees and tenants across Missouri   The ACLU of Missouri supports Senate Bill 316, which protects the constitutional right to privacy by ensuring that schools, employers and landlords are not forcing Missourians to reveal their social media passwords. “This bill is vital to Missouri’s ability to