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Opinion: Carbon border tax seeks to continue Bidenflation, hurt Missouri families

The Consumer Price Index report for January 2024 shows that prices have risen by 17.9% since President Joe Biden took office. As we grapple with economic uncertainty and the relentless squeeze of inflation, some members of Congress are considering a bill that would make matters even worse – the Foreign Pollution Fee Act. In the pursuit of “woke environmental policies,” this proposed legislation could have far-reaching consequences for working-class jobs and American families.

The Foreign Pollution Fee Act would impose a carbon border tax on materials and products imported to the U.S. from a list of countries with environmental policies we don’t like. It would add to the regulatory burden everyday Americans face through liberal tax increases. This approach raises questions about its impact on American competitiveness and the well-being of our communities.

One of the most concerning aspects of this tax is its potential to drive jobs overseas and exacerbate inflation at home. Rather than penalizing countries like China and Russia for their environmental practices, the burden falls squarely on American families. As The Wall Street Journal has written, “In the name of punishing China, the legislation would punish American consumers and businesses.” That’s because this tariff, and like all tariffs, it is a tax that will ultimately be paid for by American manufacturers and consumers.

This misguided strategy not only hinders domestic job growth but also adds fuel to the fire of inflation, a concern that continues to weigh heavily on the minds of Americans across the nation. Senate Republicans find themselves at a crossroads. They should be championing the cause of lower taxes for working families. Instead, there seems to be an increasing willingness to collaborate with Democrats on a European-style tax regime that threatens to crush American consumers.

Perhaps the most compelling argument against the Foreign Pollution Fee Act comes from the pages of recent history. Former President Trump, a staunch advocate for America First policies, recognized the pitfalls of such liberal tax schemes. During his first administration, he successfully defeated a similar proposal, rightly labeling it a “bad deal” for Americans. As we navigate the complexities of today’s economic landscape, the wisdom of his stance should not be forgotten.

Senator Josh Hawley has been a great advocate for working Missourians. He and his Republican colleagues should avoid making common cause with the liberal politicians championing the virtues of inflationary Bidenomics.

The Foreign Pollution Fee Act and its carbon border tax present a clear and present danger to American jobs and prosperity. Senate Republicans, in upholding their commitment to conservative principles, should be unwavering in their resolve to lower taxes on working families. Collaborating with Democrats on ill-conceived tax schemes is not the solution.