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Opinion: Missouri taxpayers should not be subsidizing Planned Parenthood

An undercover video by Project Veritas has exposed troubling experiences at Planned Parenthood of Kansas City.

As most Missourians know, not long ago there were 10 abortion clinics in Missouri and now there are none. Regulations requiring abortion clinics to be medically safe and other reforms have led to Missouri being a truly pro-life state.

However, troubling new allegations from Kansas City have surfaced.

Last late month, Project Veritas posted a video of Kansas City Planned Parenthood executives openly discussing their plans to traffic minor children across state lines without the knowledge of their parents or school. The “bypass” method allows an unrelated adult to assist with the transportation without the knowledge of a relative or other authority.

The executive even brags that a doctor’s excuse will be provided after the fact for the student’s school. She confidently states, “this is not our first rodeo.”

More troubling to me, the employees never asked the man escorting the purported 13-year-old what his relationship was to the young girl.

Planned Parenthood’s actions in the state of Missouri and beyond have always been troubling. Now, with this new video, there’s evidence that the organization is continuing to endanger our children by engaging in what appears to be illegal activity.

The video helps confirm what we already knew: Planned Parenthood should not be subsidized by taxpayers.