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Letter to the Editor: How refreshing to see elected officials carrying out what they campaigned

We’ve been disappointed too many times by politicians who campaign one way but govern another way. It’s vogue for republican candidates to campaign as “conservative” but it is rare to see office-holders actually govern as a conservative. Why? Because truly governing as a conservative very hard. When it comes to spending, it is so much

Letter to the Editor: Labor unions can do well in right-to-work states

By Greg Johns Missourians for Right to Work iae@murlin.com           Missouri’s new Right to Work law does only one thing.  A company with a union contract cannot have a forced-unionism clause in the contract.  That’s it.  Everything else in the contract stays the same.  Wages, benefits, working conditions and etc.  The

Letter to the Editor: End the Durbin Amendment to help hardworking Americans

By Brad Douglas, President/CEO of Heartland Credit Union Association Sometimes well-intentioned laws unintentionally hurt those who can least afford to take a hit.  At this time of change for those in the middle class, we must focus on making a positive impact on people’s financial futures.  Credit unions are here to help, but common sense changes

Letter to the Editor: Demanding a vote on wage lowering “Right to Work”

By State Representative Joshua Peters Last week, the Missouri House of Representatives passed a measure that victimizes middle and working class families in Missouri. The passage of the so-called “Right to Work” bill is aimed at lowering wages and filling wealthy corporations’ pocket books. The bill deceives the general public, claiming that its passage would

Letter to the Editor: Is Regulatory Policy Good or Bad?

By Gene Frederic of Frederic Roofing When the topic of regulatory policy is addressed, it usually occurs with some heated rhetoric as this is a divisive topic that frequently has strong emotions attached to it. However, like most things related to government, it’s not that regulations are themselves “good” or “bad,” rather what’s key to

Letter to the Editor: Senator McCaskill, confirm Betsy DeVos

By James Hill In his stirring inaugural address, President Donald Trump spoke eloquently and passionately about fighting for the forgotten men and women of America.  His pledge to put “America First” resonates strongly with working families in Missouri who want better-paying jobs, and a stronger and safer country for their kids. In naming Betsy DeVos

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Roberts applauds Breckenridge for State of the Judiciary comments

Roberts says Breckenridge’s comments highlight problems he witnessed as a prosecutor in the City of St. Louis JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – State Rep. Steven Roberts applauded Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice Patricia Breckenridge following her annual State of the Judiciary Address that in part focused on the need to protect the poor from unwarranted and

ACLU of Missouri Supports Password Protection Bill

 SB316 protects the right to privacy, free speech for students, employees and tenants across Missouri   The ACLU of Missouri supports Senate Bill 316, which protects the constitutional right to privacy by ensuring that schools, employers and landlords are not forcing Missourians to reveal their social media passwords. “This bill is vital to Missouri’s ability to

Letters and Emails: Betsy DeVos is the right choice for education secretary 

By State Rep. Shamed Dogan As a parent, a member of the Missouri House Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education, and a committed supporter of school choice, I know well the importance of strong advocates for our nation’s education system. This week, Congress will hold confirmation hearings for Betsy DeVos, President-elect Trump’s pick to lead