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Greitens Inauguration Speech: ‘I Come As An Outsider To Do The People’s Work’

From Eric Greitens, Governor of Missouri Thank you, Justice Breckenridge. And thank you President Pro Tem Richard and Speaker Richardson, and my fellow citizens. Today, we gather to take part in our republic’s most revered ritual: the peaceful transfer of power. Governor Nixon, you—and your team—have been gracious during this transition, and in doing so,

Gov. Nixon grants 18 more pardons and commutes sentence of one offender

JEFFERSON CITY – Gov. Jay Nixon today announced he has granted pardons to 18 individuals and commuted the sentence of an additional person to make him eligible for parole. During his two terms in office, the Governor has granted 106 pardons and commuted the sentences of four incarcerated offenders, for a total of 110 acts

Missouri Municipal League: Moving Missouri Cities Forward in 2017

Cities Working With New Leadership to Preserve Local Services and Strengthen Communities JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri cities look forward to working with new state and federal leadership to strengthen Missouri communities. “Local government is the closest form of government that affects a Missouri family day in and day out,” said Riverside Mayor Kathy Rose.

Greitens Names Hog Farmer and Ag Advocate as Agriculture Director

Our farmers and ranchers form the backbone of Missouri. Every day, men and women across the state wake up before dawn and do hard work to make quality, affordable food for our families. But not everyone recognizes the important role of agriculture in Missouri. Activists and bureaucrats have attacked our farmers and ranchers. They’ve come after our