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Welcome to the Missouri Times


Welcome to The Missouri Times.

On behalf of our staff, our investment group, and our advertising partners I would like to thank you for visiting headshot

The Missouri Times will be a different kind of media outlet dedicated to covering state government and the culture of the city that serves as its host. We intend to do the work necessary to become Missouri’s newspaper of politics and culture.

As a longtime observer and participant in our state’s political process, I have always saw an opportunity to inform a segment of readers who are looking for deeper coverage of the state’s political news. Our partners and I have invested in bringing journalists to the capitol that we hope will provide you with a fresh perspective that you come to find innovative, trustworthy, and informative.

My past experiences as House Speaker, and political consultant have convinced me that lobbyists, consultants, corporate executives, statewide association members, party activists, political junkies and the capital city cognoscenti all want more information on the inner working of the political and public policy process.

While I am a former republican Speaker and a known conservative, The Missouri Times will strive to be devoid of any of the partisan bias. I have seen first hand how ideaological or vendetta based reporting can poison the important relationship between the media and policy makers. It is the policy maker’s constituents and the news outlet’s readers who lose. It may simply take a few weeks of reading our coverage to convice some, but this is the “Show-me” State, and we intend to.

website masthead smallerI am thankful to Stan Schultz from Schultz Surveying and Engineering for allowing me to follow my dream of starting a newspaper covering politics and culture in Missouri and having Scott Faughn from the SEMO Times join me in this endeavor has been a blessing. I believe a better informed public will result in a better government.

On behalf of Scott, Stan and myself, I want to officially welcome you to the Missouri Times, and pledge to provide you with the information you need to help make Missouri a better place.

God Bless,


Rod Jetton , President

The Missouri Times L.L.C.