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Press Release: Derral Reynolds Announces Candidacy for Missouri State Representative in the 128th District

Derral Reynolds, a Chrisitan Conservative republican has officially entered the race for Missouri State Representative in the HD128th District, covering all of Polk and the southern half of Hickory County.

Derral has been married to his first and only wife Londa for 46-years. She is a wonderful woman that walks hand in hand with her Lord Jesus and keeps Derral in line. They have three adult children, several grandchildren and great grandchildren. They have lived in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, California, Pennsylvania and Missouri. Derral grew up on ranches in Colorado and Wyoming, where he learned the value of hard work. Married right out of high school, he went into commercial construction. After a full career, Derral went back to college earning 3 degrees in 2-years, with honors. He then began a career in internet technology management (IT). International Business Machines (IBM) hired him directly out of graduate school at Colorado State University. Derral left his project management position at IBM for his new position as program manager with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) in 1999 and they moved to Missouri. It wasn’t long before Derral became a Director for EDS. When Hewlett-Packard bought EDS, Derral transitioned to their employment, where he continued as a program manager. Today he is retired on social security. A few years ago, he entered the ministry fulltime. He is an activist, first responder, runs a Christian charity and evangelizes to name a few areas.

Derral believes in God, country and state. He feels that our families are important and parents are in charge of their children, not the government. We need to do the right thing even when it’s not popular or politically correct.

Derral intends to address our top issues and needs. Quick solutions or spending more money never solves the problem. Pushing issues out for the next generation, isn’t the right path. He’d rather fix the cause, so we don’t repeat the problem. Often, the cause is an issue of its own. Take Illegal immigration – it affects your wallet, costing Missourians over $446 million last year. They bring drugs, sex trafficking and crime into our cities, violence and gangs to our schools. They drain our social programs and health care system. Sadly, we treat illegal immigrants better, than we treat our own veterans and elderly. Fixing these types of issues will go a long way to relieve our top concerns.

Derral will work to end foreign ownership by countries and entities that consider America, their, enemy. Currently, state law says ten miles from a critical military facility. Does anyone honestly think it goes far enough?

One solution to help repair Rural Healthcare is making it mandatory, when receiving treatment, those without insurance get signed up for Medicaid. This practice would result in the federal government paying 90% of the costs. Missouri would drop to 10%, while significantly increasing revenue for health care providers.

Derral wants to attract good paying jobs and boost our economy. He will follow South Dakota’s example to get this done. Last year their GDP grew by 11%, personal income grew by 9.2%, while unemployment was the lowest in American history at 1.9%. They are doing it right – we can and should learn from them! School choice will hold public schools accountable. Derral wants to move public money to pay for your kid’s private school. There are many problems in our schools he will address.

Taxes are too high. We need a flat tax where everyone pays the same, 10%. Corporations pay 15%. No deductions. No loop holes. Then we cut state tax collection and draw it directly off of gross income. This will drastically increase revenue while significantly, cutting expenses – a win-win for everyone.

Some of the things Derral will oppose; illegal immigration, government mandates, federal laws that violate the constitution, abortion and gun restrictions. A few areas Derral will support; God, conservative values, veterans, economic growth, jobs, agriculture, rural healthcare, improving education, infrastructure repair, tax reform and family.

Visit us at and bring your concerns to Derral, ask questions. He wants to talk with you, your groups, clubs, schools, city and county organizations. He will listen and fight for your needs – every day, every hour!

Elect a Christian Conservative for state representative, not another politician. Vote Reynolds! Together, we can Take Missouri Back! God Bless You