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Release: ICYMI: Catherine Hanaway on Koster’s $3.2M Office Redecoration


St. Louis, Missouri — Former Missouri House Speaker Catherine Hanaway took to the airwaves this morning to address Chris Koster’s $3.2 million office redecoration. During an interview on Carson in the Morning on KCMO, she stated, “Chris Koster, as you all know, has spent more than $3.2 million renovating his office. For comparison’s sake, the White House spent about 1/10th of that renovating the entire White House… The cost of that renovation would have paid for 77 new highway patrol officers.”

Hanaway’s comments follow Koster’s campaign commenting that concern about $3.2 million in office renovations in the midst of a recession was “inanity” and “nonsense.” Yesterday, Greitens asked Missourians how they would have better spent $3.2 million.