Letter to the Editor: ALEC is a place to share ideas, craft solutions

Rep. Justin Hill
To the Editor,
Crystal Stephens doesn’t like the idea of groups of people coming together to share good ideas and develop solutions to policy issues facing Missouri. That’s what the Senate candidate is calling for when she demands the American Legislative Exchange Council be banned.
No one has a monopoly on good ideas. ALEC’s founding goal is to be a gathering place for lawmakers and policy experts to share good ideas that have worked in other states across the nation, and to craft solutions that fit each state’s needs. My fellow ALEC members deal with challenging issues facing Missouri each day, many of which are extraordinarily complex. We look to groups like ALEC to provide resources and ideas that work as we shape policy.
Far from being a shadowy group, ALEC’s website has its entire catalogue of model policies laid out for anyone to read it. Given her campaign’s focus on infrastructure and transportation issues, examining these policies might generate good ideas that will serve the needs of those she hopes to represent. After all, that’s why ALEC matters; we encourage all lawmakers to be leaders in improving the lives of their constituents, the voters whom we must answer to. The ramifications of the choices we make are felt each election year. In turn, we as lawmakers use the time in between to help the voters feel the ramifications of our actions in the legislature. With the help of organizations like ALEC, we are showing the Show-Me State exactly what they want to see, real results.
Justin Hill is the Representative from the 108th State House District.