JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Sen. Jacob Hummel has resigned from the Missouri state Senate.

“After a decade of service in the Missouri House and Senate, I look forward to continuing to fight for workers’ rights, fair wages, and a strong economy through my role as Secretary-Treasurer for the Missouri AFL-CIO,” Hummel said. “If in the future, this position or any other requires filing with the MEC, I want to ensure that I am able to do so.

Hummel has been a tireless advocate for the working class and labor. He just finished his first term in the state Senate after winning a landslide defeat against Prop A, otherwise known as “Right-to-Work.”

Hummel has served as the secretary-treasurer of Missouri AFL-CIO since 2014. 

The Senator was elected in a special election to replace former-Sen. Joe Keaveny in 2016 and had the support of then-Governor Jay Nixon, who said, “There is no stronger advocate than Rep. Jake Hummel when I have gone to the floor and needed an ally,” he said.

Before serving in the state Senate, Hummel was a state representative and served as the House Minority Leader.

Inside Man: Hummel reflects on time as minority floor leader

“It’s been an honor to serve 8 years alongside Sen. Hummel in both the House and Senate,” said fellow Democratic Senator John Rizzo. “I’ve been able to watch him grow into a great leader within the Democratic Party, working to protect working families and to make St. Louis better every day.”

Hummel will be replaced in January by Sen.-elect Karla May, who was elected in November.

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