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Dave Spence to write column for The Missouri Times

By Ashley JostSpence Head Shot

Jefferson City, Mo. — Dave Spence, Missouri Republican gubernatorial candidate from 2012, will be writing a column for The Missouri Times.

“I thought it would be a good forum to get some of the opinions out for someone who is not a politician,” Spence said. “I’m someone who is not looking at the next election, and just wants to talk about what’s on their mind. It’s refreshing.”

Spence said he plans to write about personal things, business matters, campaign finance reform and funny things he thinks others will appreciate also.

“I just think I’ll bring a good outsider’s perspective,” he said. “People are so into politics that they forget what the real world is like.”

Spence said he thinks sometimes people lose their way in politics with different portrayals from media and other sources.

“I asked Spence to be a columnist because I think he’s a smart, sincere guy who would bring something to The Missouri Times that our readers will enjoy,” Scott Faughn, The Missouri Times publisher, said.

Faughn said Spence’s political and business background gives him insight that The Missouri Times readers would appreciate.

Spence, a Missouri native, spent years involved in the packaging industry. Currently he’s the Chairman of Legacy Packaging in Earth City, Mo., and is a shareholder and former CEO of Alpha Packaging in St. Louis, Mo.

“I’m a serial entrepreneur,” Spence said. “I see things that sometimes others don’t see in business opportunities.”

Spence is married to his wife Suzie and has four children, ages 15 to 21. He said their family leads an active household, but they remain energetic with a strong sense of humor and an appreciation for philanthropy.