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The Hot List: Sept. 11 issue


Tom Schweich is HOT

The State Auditor is the only candidate running for his seat in 2014 and he is fundraising like crazy. So far in 2013, Schweich has raised just less than $275,000 in donations that exceed $5,000. With more than a year until the election, Schweich’s financial set up — and support from a large conservative donor, Sam Fox — has him in a pretty comfortable position.

Gov. Jay Nixon is HOT

Whether or not he is successful in upholding all of his vetoes, many are arguing that the last 90 or so days have been his best in public office. He has been stating clear positions that he has continued to fight for and he has really engaged his audiences along the way. The governor has become more of a household name during the last few months than ever before.

Steve Stenger is HOT

St. Louis County Councilman Steve Stenger appears to be picking up a lot of the support that County Executive Charlie Dooley has lost. Most recently, Stenger gained the support of the Carpenters Union, which removed support from Dooley after former Republican gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence was nominated to the county police board.

Mayor Adam Paul is HOT

Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul and his efforts of the past months to drive out Walmart from the city limits reached a conclusion this past weekend. On Saturday, Walmart announced that they cancelled its development plans within Ellisville, reaching the conclusion of a saga that includes the legal battle lasting the past few months involving the Mayor’s impeachment and subsequent reinstatement.

The Republican House Caucus is HOT

In the days of social media and unbelievable gossip, the fight for the Speaker’s gavel stayed relatively tame with no direct, public shots fired. Kudos to both candidates.