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Lakin to Victory Enterprises, Curchin to step in


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Joe Lakin, former Chief-of-Staff to House Majority Floor Leader, John Diehl, R-Town and Country, is stepping down from his position after more than five years in the Capitol. After working with Diehl during re-districting as well as serving under former House Speaker Steve Tilley, Lakin’s departure is one of the most notable staff changes of the entire interim.

Lakin, a Missouri State graduate, has accepted a position at Victory Enterprises, an Iowa-based, multi-state political and corporate consulting and communications firm. There, Lakin will be leading the “Victory PR” division, specializing in corporate and digital media clients.

Alex Curchin
Alex Churchin

“It is a really exciting opportunity to combine my passion and my love of politics with my passion and my interest in communications, digital media, and public relations,” Lakin says.

With Diehl set to take over the role of Speaker in 2015, replacing Lakin was no easy task. Diehl’s office named Alex Curchin, former general counsel for the House of Representatives, to replace Lakin. Curchin brings more than seven years of experience in the House along with him and a standing relationship with many members of the general assembly and their staff.

“I have great respect for the House and I’ve enjoyed all the various capacities I’ve worked there,” Curchin says. “I’ve also always had a very good relationship with the leaders I’ve worked under and I’m really excited to get to take an active role in legislation and be working with him on the floor every day.”

Curchin says he has “very large shoes to fill” in replacing Lakin, but says he looks forward to the challenge. Lakin, who will continue to live in Jefferson City working with Victory Enterprises, says he “isn’t gone for good.”

“I’ve been honored, absolutely honored to work with the people I’ve been able to work with,” Lakin says. “[Rep. Diehl] has been an excellent leader and someone I think is going to do great things for the state, and it has been the best experience of my life to be able to work here. But I’ll be around, I’m going to take on something new, but I’ll be around.”