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Mizzou emerges as top school for online courses


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. –, a website which ranks online programs offered by colleges and universities in 50 states and Puerto Rico, found that the University of Missouri-Columbia was the best school in Missouri, according to their metric. The public university offered 35 online programs and had 30 students enrolled in their classes, which the website calls “distance education,” had a score of 98.92 out of 100.

The website reports that it uses a 10-point scale and considers 14 different metrics based on data collected from the National Center for Education Statistics’ Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. said that it relies on further statistics from the U.S. census bureau.

The ranking website ranks schools based on relative tuition cost, the number of offered online programs, and their respective enrollment. The measuring metric can be manipulated to search by degree, program, institution type, degree level, and location by state. also features sections for financial aid options, grants, loans, and college accreditation.

The school that offers the best online courses in the country, according to the website, is the American Public University System. It offered 140 programs to 100 current students for a low average tuition and had a score of 100. The worst was Oglala Lakota College with 0 programs offered and seven students enrolled in distance education and had a score of 0.

The University of Missouri-Columbia had the best score in the state of 98.92. Second place in the state was Columbia College with a score of 97.2. Third place in the state was Missouri State University-Springfield with 96.8. The median score was Culver-Stockton College with 57.75 at twenty-eighth place.

In the country, the University of Missouri-Columbia was ranked 28th in the country. Columbia College was 71st in the country. Missouri State University-Springfield was 81st. The median school in the country was the University of Vermont with a score of 50.11.

Wentworth Military Academy and College came in last in the state with a score of 0.07. The school is also ranked at the 2493rd place nationally, the second worst in the country, according to the metric.

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