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Opinion: Liberal silence on illegal immigration is deafening


I was heartbroken and horrified to read about yet another assault by an illegal immigrant on an innocent American family. Last month, in Chesterfield, Missouri, a woman and her daughter were trapped in their home by a criminal, who assaulted the daughter and threatened their lives. If our nation’s leaders were as serious as President Trump about protecting our border and defending American families, this assault would never have occurred. 

State Rep. Jeff Shawan

This predator was an illegal immigrant who had already been deported twice before. Twice! It’s clear that we cannot rely on the deportation of violent illegals to keep our families safe. We have to prevent these dangerous individuals from ever setting foot in our country in the first place. To do that, we have to stop rewarding people who break our laws and we must get serious about border security.

So-called “Sanctuary Cities” give aid and shelter to illegal immigrants, making it easy for violent predators to hide from law enforcement. On top of that, many states are handing out millions in taxpayer-funded benefits, like in-state college tuition and driver’s licenses, to people who knowingly broke our laws and entered our country illegally. 

On top of that, every Democratic candidate for president raised their hand in favor of providing free, taxpayer-funded, healthcare to illegal immigrants.

Thankfully, in the Missouri legislature, I have been part of an unflinching conservative caucus that has banned Sanctuary Cities in our state, while putting an end to taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants. However, as long as other states continue rolling out the welcome mat, the tide of dangerous criminals flowing across our borders will continue to swell. 

That is why we must have a strong, physical barrier at the southern border. President Trump’s plan to build the wall is the best way to protect the United States, but his enemies in the media and Congress are doing everything in their power to stop him. Now, with this impeachment mess, they’ve finally revealed the truth: They’re more interested in hijacking the White House than defending our families.

It’s gotten so bad at the border that private citizens have taken it upon themselves to fund and build parts of the wall. While I support their patriotism, the obstruction making it necessary must end.

Actions speak louder than words ever could. The liberals in D.C. are ignoring the growing threat posed by illegal immigration, but can’t stop talking about taking down President Trump. Their silence on the real issues facing our nation is as deadly as it is deafening.