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Opinion: Medicare Advantage Has Changed The Lives Of Many

Working as an accountant my whole career, I have seen first-hand how Medicare Advantage has truly changed the lives of so many. With healthcare costs rising, getting access to affordable and quality care can be challenging. However, Medicare Advantage makes this easy and allows people to choose a plan suited to their health needs. It is no surprise that nearly half of the Medicare-eligible population in Missouri is enrolled in Medicare Advantage, making it a popular option that delivers for seniors.

What sets Medicare Advantage apart is it supports diverse populations and ensures that there are no barriers to receiving quality health care. Whether you live in a big city town or a rural part of the state, you have access to comprehensive coverage and array of supplemental benefits. In fact, four million Medicare Advantage enrollees live in rural areas. This translates to better health outcomes across the board and transforms the lives of seniors from all walks of life. And with an emphasis on preventative and quality care, Medicare Advantage offers enrollees the care they need to stay healthy and avoid future complications, which brings down overall costs.

As a retired accountant, I have a unique perspective as to how getting affordable, quality care can make a difference in someone’s life. With recent talks of proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage, I am hopeful that leaders in Washington will continue to advocate for such an impactful program and work together to see that it is fully funded.